The Benefit of A Peer Tutor

Hey First Years!

As you are diving into your second semester here at SSU you may find yourself to be more comfortable and acclimated to the school. We are so happy to see everyone back on campus! Some students may find that college is not as easy as just making friends and joining clubs. Sometimes courses can become challenging. If you find yourself struggling in a class, I suggest you look into peer tutoring!

Getting a peer tutor is very simple and it is free! The Center for Academic Excellence provides this service for students and it is accessible to sign up for right from your Navigator account.

Kevin_Martine_Students_small_rdax_225x150.jpg Peer tutoring offers you a person who has taken the same class that you are in before! Usually they have received an A in the class so they are very knowledgeable.

Signing up for a tutor is easy! Just log into your Navigator account and locate the Quick Links tab on the left. If you click “Request a Peer Tutor” you will be sent to the site called TutorTrac!


Using your Navigator login you will be signed into TutorTrac where you can schedule an apt for any class you are currently enrolled in.

Peer tutoring can be very helpful, even if you just someone to explain what you are learning in a different way. Sometime you just need another method to approach problems.

Depending on the course there can be multiple tutors for subjects. This is helpful when you’re really struggling and need multiple different sessions to fit into your schedule! Tutors can help you with homework, explain general ideas, give you test preparation and study skills and more!

Last year I personally struggled with Calculus and the Peer Tutoring service really helped me boost up my grade. The concepts I was learning about became easier when they were explained in a different way than the professor.

Here is a list of all the programs that CAE provides:


This center located in the library can be a huge help from tutoring to requesting a minor!

There is no shame in requesting a tutor! Professors love to see students getting extra help if they need it. It also shows your teacher that you are putting in a lot of effort to keep up your grades. Good luck, First Years!



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