Mapworks Survey –Good for More than Just Prizes

Hey First Years!


The MapWorks survey is OPEN! That means there will be 15 days of giveaways from Janurary 28th to February 11th  meaning anyone who has taken the survey is entered into a drawing each day to win cool prizes like Salem State gear, Clipper Cash, a BOSE speaker, and so much more! You can claim your prizes at the Mapworks Office between 9am – 4pm on Monday through Friday in Meier Hall 245A. Grand prizes such as priority registration, commuter parking passes, meal plans, and housing deposit waivers will be drawn at the end of the survey


But taking the Mapworks Transition Survey is good for more than winning some cool prizes. After taking your survey, Mapworks will send you a student report specific to you filled with great information like your personal strengths and weaknesses based off of your results as well as tips on improving and a list of your Campus Connections and Resources. The survey also helps the university asses the well-being of their students and see what areas need to be focused on as a whole to improve the general student body’s experience.

In addition, First years, sophomores, and new transfer students who complete both the fall and spring survey are eligible to apply for a Salem State University Mapworks Scholarship at the end of the academic year. This scholarship application is relatively simple and requires a short essay explaining how the Mapworks survey was helpful. Keep your eyes open for this opportunity!




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