The Benefits of Completing your Mapworks Survey

It’s our favorite time of the year- Mapworks Survey time!! For those of you who don’t know, the Mapworks Survey is a tool the University uses to gain insight on students interest, areas of improvement for Salem State, and to direct students to helpful resources on campus. The Mapworks survey has so many great benefits after you take it, especially for First Year and Transfer students. Below are just some of the many advantages to participating in the survey.

  1. Prizes- DUH!

After completing your survey once, you are automatically entered into the 15 days of giveaways. The prizes range from $50 ClipperCash, Salem State Gear, a Fitbit Flex 2, a Coupon for Textbook, and so much more. Completing the survey also enters all students into a grand prize drawing, which includes: free meal plans, priority class registrations, housing deposit waivers, and free commuter parking passes. These prizes are outrageously awesome and will save you a lot of money in the future! During my sophomore year I won a free meal plan and it saved me thousands off my bill!


  1. Scholarships!

First-year, sophomores and new transfer students who complete both the fall and spring surveys will be eligible to apply for a Salem State University Mapworks Scholarship at the end of the academic year! This can be used to help you pay your school bill off, before it even comes out! For more information regarding this scholarship email


  1. A chance for your voice to be heard!

The Mapworks survey is a way for you to express your concerns and compliments regarding Salem State. There are different sections of the survey on varying topics, like Res Life, Student Involvement and Activities, Academics, Offices, Food Services, etc. You can write comments about your experience, and all of these comments will be addressed. Change won’t occur unless you speak up about the issues!


  1. Doing your survey will help you avoid phone calls (from us!) asking you why you didn’t complete it!

We are all about our students and their happiness at Salem State very much, so sometimes we call to check in! When you don’t do your Mapworks survey, we get concerned and like to reach out ourselves to see what’s happening, since we can see your concerns already! So, if you want avoid a call from FYM Stella, do your Mapworks survey!
If you can’t tell, the Mapworks survey is a pretty big deal around Salem State, and will bring nothing but positive outcomes to your experience here! So, don’t forget to complete your survey before February 11th so that your voice is heard! If you have anymore questions about the Mapworks survey or Mapworks in general, feel free to reach out to their office in Meier Hall, 245A or email them at



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