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By now, you all should be situated with classes and getting to know your professors . The course load may be starting to get a little hectic but here are a few big things that are coming up this semester be on the lookout for:

  • As you already know the MAPWORKS survey is now open! Not only can you win great prizes in the 15 days of giveaway, but if you completed the survey both last semester and this semester you will be eligible to apply for the MAPWORKS scholarship. I received this scholarship in the fall and it was a huge help when it came to buying textbooks, so keep that in mind if you need some extra financial help for next semester.
  • Housing deposits are due on March 1, 2017 on the navigator website. If you want to secure a spot on campus for next semester I would suggest that you get to it right away because waiting last minute will only hurt you. You should also keep in mind who you want to room with next semester, especially if you want to live in Viking, which is suite style, so that you also avoid problems and complications.
  • If you are looking for something fun and artsy to do with your free time Urban Arts Theater (UAT) is putting on a play in March and they are looking for performers (dancers, poets, singers…) to share their art in the play. If this is something you are interested in don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. I can be found in the FYE office Mondays 9-12 and Fridays 2:30-5:30.


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