What I Learned From Quitting Snapchat


Hello First-Years,

Today I want to talk to you about an app that you all know, love, and I one that I bet (if you’re like me) you’re constantly on: Snapchat! Now, I should let you know that I was (and still kind of am) OBSESSED with Snapchat. I love snapchatting my friends, boyfriend, and even keeping up with the latest trends through the apps featured Stories from places like Buzzfeed and Tastemade. My friends even like to tease me that I only make 3 or 4 set Snapchat poses. See an example below:






(This is pose #4 by the way.)


As you can see I loved Snapchat (and its many filters). But, last week I decided to quit Snapchat for a little while. It was getting in the way of my schoolwork and I found myself on my phone when I was surrounded by friends. With that being said, here’s what I learned from my time of snap-less-ness:

  1. It’s okay to not constantly be plugged in. 

It may sound like a crazy idea but sometimes it’s beneficial to go “off the grid” sometimes. Once I quit Snapchat, I found myself feeling more relaxed from not constantly worrying about what what happening on my phone.

 2. Quitting made me more productive. 

  I found that when I deleted Snapchat from my phone, I was able to get my homework done more quickly and had greater focus on my assignments and during study time. Snapchatting was arguably one of my biggest time consuming activities, so naturally, I found myself having more time to get other things done.

    3. I felt more connected 

Previously, I would always find myself on my phone all the time even when my friends were in the room. While I know we’re all guilty of doing this at times, I definitely noticed how much more connected I felt with my friends when I wasn’t always Snapchatting and checking my phone. I found myself having more conversations face-to-face than over text which was a really nice experience.

    4. Opportunities to check other social media 

Going off Snapchat allowed me time to check other social media sites that I don’t normally use as often. I found myself a lot more active on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. While these apps didn’t allow me to use a rainbow filter or cute Bitmoji, I had a greater appreciation for the beautiful photos and interesting tweets that I saw.

So, where am I at now? Well, I made the decision to re-download Snapchat. However, I definitely find myself checking it a lot less frequently and putting more of a focus on friends and academics. I’m curious to see whether quitting another social app (like Facebook) would have similar benefits.

Next time you find yourself snapchatting, tweeting, posting and commenting constantly, consider taking a step back and deleting the application you use most. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find.


And always remember: Love yourself, right now wherever you’re at!







-FYM Patrick




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