Salem State’s Got Talent!

Academics can be an intimidating task and sometimes you may feel like you are not good at anything. You cannot write your notes faster than the professor is talking, you have no idea how your math professor started incorporating the alphabet into equations and there is no way you can read a book in two weeks. Education is quite the mountain to climb.


However, in times when you are doubting your abilities, it is important to remember what you ARE good at. Whether it is singing, drawing, or making jokes, remember that school cannot defeat you. Acing a test might be someone’s talent, but it is not everyone’s. It is important to remember that you are unique with your own individual talents. My hidden talent, for example, is writing poetry and raps. Whenever I’m stressed out about school or feel like I’m not good at a certain subject (science), I remind myself that there are certain things that I am good at. After writing for a little while, I feel good about myself again and continue to tackle my homework. You can also use your talents as strengths and help people who are still working at that talent. For example, helping someone improve their poetry skills or helping someone improve their study skills. Everyone has a talent that they can show off.


In addition, if you do not wish to pursue your talent at the moment, you can watch other people’s talent!

WMWMSalem (our University radio station) is putting on a talent show! The show is on February, 15th. The doors open at 7PM and close at 9PM. Dinner is first come, first served. The show is located in Vet’s Hall in the Ellison Campus Center on North Campus. Valid ID is required for entry (your clippercard). There will be prizes for the winners. Come support your friends and classmates as they show off their talents!


Don’t let academics bring you down when you have hidden talents to bring you up!



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