How to Reduce Cabin Fever

Are you sick and tired of the cold, wintery mix that has repetitively struck the New England Coast over the past week? Well, I am exhausted of sitting inside a not-so cozy college dorm; bored, from light until dark due to Mother Nature’s calling. Yes classes have been called off and we are free from Salem State education for one more day-but with the snow on the roads and the brutal conditions we are left with nothing at all to keep ourselves occupied. Here are a few ideas to help keep you active and relieve your cabin fever!!

1. Watch Movies 

Movies are a wonderful way to pass time as well as enjoy your free-time either by yourself or with your friends. There are many different genres of movies, such as the classics, the originals, along with the new releases. With many options to choose from there is no excuse to be thinking of snow! Wrap up in a blanket with relaxing clothes on and a side of hot chocolate(:


2. Gather your friends and go eat at the diner 

The dining halls are open for your adventure out of your residence buildings, including the diner that is located across from Viking Hall right next to the commuter parking lot. The food is delicious and you can use dining dollars or clipper cash! Not only that but you can grab a group of friends and join each other together.

3. Utilize the lounge areas in the dorm

In each residence hall is multiple lounge areas, with at least one on each floor. These are great community spaces that are modern, open-spaced, and available all day long. They also allow for quiet time or activities such as groups watching sports games or doing group projects. The televisions, chairs, and desks are to be respectively used and it is a perfect way to unwind from your room but still stay warm and have the comfort of your pajamas without having to leave your dorm.

4. Do homework or study-even organize!

Although the library is closed, you can still complete any homework, assignments, or work that you need to accomplish and this free time is perfect for it! If you do not have the motivation to do so, get together with a group of friends and review for your classes. You do not have any homework? There is always need for organization for the future weeks ahead as well as the organization of your room or personal belongings. This could make time go by faster than you think.

5. Build a snowman…or a fort

Snow only falls a few times a year so get out there and build that snow man or make snow angels with your friends. If none of those ideas sound interesting, have a snowball fight..safely of course. And if you are just not an outside person, well there are forts! Forts can be made inside your dorm room with friends just to do homework or watch movies in. A little activity to relieve the stress.


6. Cook or Bake

If you enjoy cooking or baking, you have all day to do so! You could meal plan for the week ahead or just make a yummy meal for during the storm. Doing this alone or with friends can be entertaining and fun, along with the beneficial aspect of being able to enjoy these recipes. Make sugar cookies with jimmies or chocolate chip cookies then have a cookie exchange and everyone who made a batch can share them with others for even more fun! Always be stocked up, you never know what could happen.


7. Read a good book 

Education is such an important aspect of life and books add to that! If you have a lot of time on your hands you can begin to read a book of your choice to enjoy and engage in. No one is forcing you to read the book or complete any assignments for it so it should be more enjoyable. We are lucky to have books and reading an insightful book can help you become more relaxed. Sometimes to just sit and relax and read a good book is beneficial, especially on a long snow day…or two.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and do not get bored on snow days.

-Stay warm-


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