Career Fair 2017

Hi Vikings! Are you interested in exploring possible careers, internships or just curious to see what is happening in the market of today? Well I suggest you go check out the 2017 Annual Career Fair! At this event you can browse a diverse amount of industries and begin to network with businesses and maybe even potential coworkers and bosses of the future.

The career fair will consist of tables where participating companies will be displaying their mission and job opportunities. A representative of the industry will be there to answer any questions that arise in relation to jobs in that given field, the representative can also give any advice to you about job opportunities/careers. It is a good networking opportunity for you all as students, it can begin to give you a taste as to what it is like to put yourself out in the work force. By meeting with these representatives at the tables you are practicing for future interviews because you are presenting yourself, answering questions that are proposed to you and even asking any of your own questions to gain more knowledge about the company you’re interested in.


This event is a fantastic chance to get yourself known in the work area and to gain new experience that you may not yet have had or haven’t engaged in a long time. The following is the time and place of the event!


Where: Gassett Fitness Center & Recreation Center, O’Keefe Campus


When: Thursday March 2nd


Time: 4pm-7pm


Contact: Career Services


– If you have any specific questions in relation to this event you can contact career services through email at, by calling 978-542-6406, or by walking into their office which is located in the Ellison Campus Center. Career Services is located in room 105 which is right past the Commuter lounge!

I hope you will consider attending this event and begin to widen your horizons when it comes to the work world!

– FYM Mikaela


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