Steps to a successful Spring Break

With the semester flying by here are a few things to keep in mind before going off for Spring break:

  1. Housing deposits for the next academic year are due March 1. You have a few days to secure your spot so you’re not stressing out when we come back from break.
  2. Advising period is approaching! If you have not met with your advisor at all this semester now would be a great the time to gather all of your questions to make sure you’re on track- go over your degree tracker and start putting your classes in your shopping cart.
  3. Academic Works Scholarship application is due March 1. There’s only a couple more days left to fill out the application which can be found on the navigator website.
  4. MIDTERMS are coming up! Some people might have them before the break and others after but either way now is not the time to slack. You want to keep your grades up so you’re not stressing over the break about your exams.
  5. Ask for help if you’re struggling in your classes. Do not let all of your work pile up for the second half of the semester…it will be too late by then.

Image result for spring break memes      Image result for keeping up on schoolwork memes


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