Spring Break is Almost Here!

Hi First-Years!

It’s crazy to think that the Spring Semester is already half over and that next week is Spring Break; time is just flying by!


Over my 4 years here at Salem State, I have been able work on and hopefully master a full proof plan to enjoy my well deserved break and rest, as well as, use the time effectively to catch up and get away with all school work I need to complete.

I live by the 50/50 Rule!

When to any kind of break from school, even if it’s for a week, I like to still stay in school mode in some way shape or form. I like to split my week up half and half by using one half for school work and the other half relaxing and recharging. This way you can get work completed and get ahead as well as feel like to accomplished something and also take time to practice self-care and feel rested and recharged to push through last half of the semester!

Work-Half of the Week:

As much as I know I don’t want too, I make the first half of the week my work section. Many of you are probably thinking, why would you do that?! You’re suppose to be relaxing? I’ve learned over time, that even though you don’t want to do your work then, you are more willing to complete it knowing that the second half of the week is coming and you will already have all your work done and finally get to relax. You will feel so great knowing you accomplished those two huge tasks and it’s only the beginning of the week! It will be such a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders!

  1. Get up at a reasonable time to start your day off on a good foot!
  2. Get out of the house. Work at a Starbucks, your public library. Working at your house makes you more prone getting distracted or relaxing when you should be working. 
  3. Work in 45 minute intervals. Change your work to something else every so often, so you don’t get fried on a certain task. 


Relaxing-Half of the Week:

When this half week comes around, I always feel so great and accomplished and have a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders and know my school work is already done! You have just worked through the most intense part of the week and completed a lot already, and still have time the other half to relax!

  1. Sleep-in and catch up on sleep!
  2. Hangout with friends and family and catch up
  3. Cook some delicious food! You deserve it!


Take this Spring Break to complete school work and get ahead as well as enjoy that well deserved rest to come back to campus ready to go to conquer the second half of the semester!

-FYM Kathryn




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