Join our team! Mentor applications are out!

Hey Vikings!

Do you like encouraging others to be the best person they can be? Do you like making connections on campus with other students, offices, and administration? Does the thought of being a part of a team get you excited? If any of these statements are a “YES!”, then being a mentor in the First Year Experience Office might be the job for you! The link to the job application is out there, but first, check out an in-depth description of the role of a mentor!

What is a mentor?

First Year Mentors are undergraduate student leaders who serve as a resource for first year students in the First Year Experience Office, supporting students’ transition to and through the first year of college.


What do you do?

We do a BILLION different tasks in the office, ranging from the academic realm to student involvement, to resident life, and everything in between! Some of our most common tasks are:

  • Meeting with First Year students one-on-one
  • Presenting in First Year Seminar classrooms on topics like: Time Management, How to use the Writing Center, Ways to get Involved, etc.  
  • Managing social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and more!
  • Conduct phone outreach each semester to first year students
  • Submit bi-weekly blog posts (LIKE THIS ONE!!) on academic and social aspects of Salem State!
  • Staff Student Success Stations (booths) throughout the course of the academic year, distributing materials and responding to questions.


Why be a mentor?

There is no better feeling than helping a person in an area they might need some guidance in. Being able to answer that one questions a student might have, or showing someone where the correct office is to fix a problem is absolutely rewarding! And, not only is this job rewarding, but it’s also a job, which means you’ll be making money! Mentors are able to work 5-10 hours in the office, depending on work study, availability, and funding through our office.


How do you apply?!

Fill out the following application and send it to: or drop it off at our office (Meier Hall, 100A) Applications are due Friday, April 7th!!


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