Positives of Talking with Your Professors

Hey First-Years!

I can’t believe we are already at the second half of the spring semester! Crazy! The semester is in full swing and everyone is busy working on projects, studying, and doing homework and other assignments for classes. This may be a high stress time for many of us, but there are plenty of resources on campus that can help you and one of the best resources are your professors!

As students of Salem State, we are lucky enough to enjoy small class sizes where the professors get to know us by name and even by our work. It is so important to take advantage of the access we have to our professors and keep in mind that they are here to help us succeed! As first year students, it’s extremely important start making those connections and taking advantage of getting to know our professor.

What Can You Do?

  • Go to your Professors Office Hours – Professors are required to have office hours where you can pop in and get help on things you are having trouble with, express concerns about the class or your performance, ask any questions you may have, or just simply say hello and ask about how to be the most successful in his/her class



  • Talk Before or After Class – Come to class a few minutes early and ask any questions you might have or simply chat with your professor or stay a few minutes after is done and ask any clarifying questions you didn’t have time to during the class.


  • Email Your Professors – Don’t be afraid to send an email to your professors if you need help when it is not their office hours or you are not in class.

The Positives of Utilizing Your Professors:

  • Improved Grades – Getting clarification on parts of the class or assignments that are confusing as well as gaining a better understanding of what the professor is expecting of you can make you more successful in class.


  • Good Relationship with Professor – Professors are always impressed with students that take responsibility for their own success and learning. They love when students come to their office hours and show that they really care about their class and doing well!


  • Letters of Recommendation – If you need a letter of recommendation for a job in the future or for a scholarship, professors will be willing to write you one if you start a conversation with them over the course of the semester and they know you. They will have plenty of positive things to say about you if they know that you are working hard in their class and coming for help when you need it!


  • Save Money on Books – When a professor posts the books needed for class online each semester some can be very expensive. A lot of times they post the newest editions of the book but not much changes from edition to edition. If you email your professor and politely ask if it would be okay to use an early (and cheaper) edition, most of the time they will say yes and you can save a ton of cash!


I hope you found blog post helpful and informative as well! Talking with and communicating with you professor’s have so many positive outcomes.

-FYM Kathryn


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