The Art of Self-Care Event

Hey First-Years!

The stress of registration is soon to be behind us, but I know many of us are starting to feel stressed about our upcoming final exams. If you or anyone you know is stressing over school, come to the Art of Self-Care Event!

self care

This event will help students realize and learn about self-care through creativity. Art therapy is a wonderful way to relieve stress, be creative, and express your feelings in ways other than words. Making art a new hobby can help you feel like your life is more balanced, therefore helping you with self-care!

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On Tuesday April, 11 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM, join your fellow Vikings in the Ellison Campus Center, Metro Room, for an event all about showing off your creativity! Have fun with friends coloring, drawing, and having a few laughs! You’ll also be making your very own self-care kit for finals week!

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Self-Care is super important for your success, especially when dealing with the stress us college students have. Take some time in the next few weeks to take care of yourself, like going to this event! If you know any of your friends that need some time to unwind, please spread the word about this awesome event coming up!

You DO NOT need to be an artist, because this event is for all levels of creativity! If you have any questions, please contact Christine Williams.

**Most importantly, don’t forget to TREAT YO’ SELF!**


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