10 Reasons to Participate in Elections at SSU

Either through specific student organizations or the Student Government Association there are many ways to be an active, participating student at SSU. Check out the following reasons to understand why your participation is valuable.

  1. If you don’t like the way an organization is run or want to change policies, run for a position so your voice can be heard! If you know you would be an asset, go for it.

office president


2. You pay for this–don’t waste your money! Everyone pays a student activities fee so to get your moneys worth, you might as well participate.

money gif.gif

3.  You can chose whoever’s platform suits your needs as a student and vote for them accordingly. For example, some platforms revolve around engaging commuters in more activities or changing the allocation of certain funds.


4.  You can input your opinion to create new clubs and ideas that don’t already exist.


5. You can help shape SSU into the community you want it to be.



6. It’s a great way to meet new people and make connections with different student organizations.

Image result for Make connections meme


7. By voting for your preferred candidate you can make sure your opinion is heard and represented. Ex: voting for someone you’re more comfortable talking to or in which you have more confidence can allow your opinions to be heard more easily.

Image result for opinion

8. It’s a way to lead, help, and positively influence others.

Image result for leadership

9. Resume builder. It’s a great experience that not only adds to useful work skills but applicable to general life skills as well.

Image result for life skills gif

10.  Need money for school? You can earn it! There are scholarships designated for those specifically involved with SGA.

scholarship gif.gif


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