10 Tips to Take Advantage of Reading Day.

As finals are approaching us after the next four weeks, it is time to start planning out the rest of your semester. On your calendar or in your First Year Success Planners, mark the date May 4th. The day after classes end here at SSU, is a day we all love and need, READING DAY! This day is a great way for you to spend some time in the library working on or studying for your finals! Here are some tips on how to fully appreciate and take advantage of this day! Gather up some friends and classmates to head over to the library!

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1. Write down ALL of your due dates.

In your planners or calendars, make sure to write down the dates and times of your final examinations. This is the key to figuring out what you should be starting with when it comes to studying. By knowing when you need to be prepared, it gives you plenty of time to ask your professors any questions you have before the exam.


2. Get a Good Nights SLEEP.

Since we will not be having classes on May 4th, there is plenty of opportunity to get a good nights sleep. Having plenty of rest for Reading Day will only help you be able to focus on getting work done.

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3. Prep Your Backpack.

When you’re finally ready to tackle Reading Day, fill up your backpack with the books and materials you’ll need to get work done. Make sure you bring laptop chargers, phone chargers, snacks, drinks, tissues, pens, pencils, and more importantly, YOUR BOOKS!

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4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast.

Starting off the day with a nutritious breakfast is what will give you the energy you need to focus on school. Loading up on sugary breakfast foods will only make your energy crash in the middle of working. Start the day off right with a healthy meal from the dining hall, there are plenty of great options available!

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5. Wear Comfortable Clothing.

For me personally, I cannot study if I’m wearing uncomfortable clothing. I mean who really wants to be studying while wearing tight uncomfortable clothing? I find that I get more work done when I’m wearing something comfortable and loose fitting. Most of my study time is spent in sweatpants and big t-shirts, this way I’m not focusing on how uncomfortable I am.

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6. Find a Study Space That Works For YOU.

Everyone is different when it comes to where you like to study. If you can’t get work done in your room, don’t worry there are plenty of options!

  • Utilize the lounges in your Residence Hall.
  • Go to the Bertolon Building.
    • There are study rooms, the cafe, and open computers!
  • Sit at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.
    • Utilize study rooms
    • Pick which floor is best for you!
      • (If you need silence like me, head on up the the third floor).



One of the biggest reasons students cannot get work done is because there are so many distractions. I know that studying is not what some people want to be doing on their first day off from classes, but Reading Day is only here to help you!

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Log Out of Social Media.
  • Don’t bring friends that will distract you.


8. Figure Out What Needs to be Done First.

Since you already wrote down your due dates, you know exactly where to start studying! Knowing that a project or exam is coming up soon helps guide you in how you need to go about preparing yourself. Also, for more difficult work, you know how long you have to get the help you need!


9. Start/ Join a Study Group.

Starting a study group with your classmates is a great way to help each other study for exams. If you do not know the answer to a certain review question, one of your classmates is bound to help explain it to you. Although this method may not work for everyone, it has helped me a lot through my college career!



After all of the hard work that you accomplished today, it is finally time to relax. Treat yourself to some junk food, time with friends, Netflix, or go downtown for a night out!




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