You mean FYE is only for First-Years?

With your first year at SSU coming to an end by now with the help of the First Year Experience office and all of the other resources on campus you should be well on your way to a successful sophomore year.

As a current sophomore, the transition from freshman year to sophomore year was ridiculously hard. The workload piled up, classes became more rigorous, I got more involved on campus, and I had to learn how to take responsibility for my actions and put my education first because the first year experience office was no longer calling for check ins and making sure I stayed on task. While my freshman year was stress-free, sophomore year has proven to be the exact opposite. Here are some tips on how to handle the transition from freshman year to sophomore year:

  • The classes will get harder that is without a doubt! but remember that just because FYE isn’t reaching out to you anymore does not mean that all of our campus resources are unavailable. You can always request a tutor, go to office hours, talk to your advisor, peers, career services and more. No one is assuming that you have all the answers. Continue to reach out for help!

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  • Join extracurriculars. I can’t stress enough about the workload especially since you will be taking actual classes in your major instead of just the general education classes, so make sure you join a club, a sport, or something not academic related. Looking forward to a club that you’re passionate about once or twice a week can make a difference in your sophomore year.
  • By the end of sophomore year it is expected that you will declare your major. That may sound scary right now especially if you’re undeclared or you’ve come to the realization that the major you came in with isn’t what you want to study at all but again your resources are not limited! There are plenty of people on campus who can help you figure all of that out as long as you take the initiative to ask for help.

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  • DO NOT let the Sophomore slump get to you. A lot of students slack their sophomore year because they believe they can play catch up junior and senior year. Don’t become one of those students. Sophomore year can either make you or break you and if you do not take it seriously this can lead to repeating classes, staying at SSU longer than you need to which means spending more money. 

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