Summer Classes 2017

The sky is blue and the heat has returned to the Salem State campus. People are wearing shorts and pulling out their shades. Students are wrapping up their semester and getting ready for finals, because after that, what time is it?! Summer time! Many students will travel or work, but some may choose to enroll in one or several summer classes! Here are some benefits of enrolling in summer classes.


1.) Ability to catch up or get ahead

The regular fall or spring semester can be very challenging. Perhaps you had to withdraw from a class or decided to only take four classes instead of five. Taking a summer class allows you to catch up with your curriculum. In addition, maybe you are caught up with your curriculum, but wish to graduate a semester early. Summer courses will put you ahead of the game!

summer 2

2.) Smaller class sizes

Summer classes are typically smaller than the classes of the normal academic year. This is usually due to a lower enrollment count. If you prefer smaller classes that gives you a higher student-teacher interaction, then a summer course would be great!

summer 3

3.) Lighter Work Load

The normal academic year requires you to take five classes. Five classes is a lot on top of your personal responsibilities such as family and work. If you choose to take a summer course, it is only ONE course. You only have to worry about one class and complete homework for one class. How nice is that?! (Unless you would like to take more than one course)

summer 4

4.) Sticking to the routine

Entering fall semester after three months of no school can be extremely difficult. You may find it hard to be motivated or to return to the school routine. Taking a summer class keeps you in school mode, so that fall semester is an easier transition from the summer time.

summer 5

5.) Shorter Classes

Summer classes typically run from 1 week, to 6 weeks, to the full 12 weeks. Although this shorter time frame may seem intense, if you are a student who grows tired of a class after about a month and likes to finish as soon as possible, then consider taking a short summer class.

summer 6

6.) Learning because you WANT to

Last, but not least, taking a summer class is great if you just want to learn. You do not have to take a summer course simply because your degree tracker demands it, but take it, because there is a class that interests you. For example, I am a Criminal Justice major, and my professor told us about his summer course about gangs. It is an online course (another secret benefit of summer courses, you may not even have to go to class!) that sounds very interesting to me.

summer 7


-You can register for summer classes on your Navigator account in the same way that you register for the normal academic year.

-To find a list of the courses being offered in the summer, you can go to the Salem State University website and in the search bar, type “summer at Salem State”. An information booklet and list of summer courses is in the middle of the website page in a PowerPoint format.

-The ballpark price of a four credit online class, with a parking pass: $1260

*Classes may vary slightly in price

summer 1




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