Greekstock: Greek Week 2017

Hello Vikings!

This week was Greek Week at Salem State University, where Fraternity and Sorority Life came together for a week of fun activities!

“But Shelbie, what is ‘Greek Week’?”

I am so glad you asked! Greek Week is a week where the fraternities and sororities compete in a week of activities. Each night is worth a certain amount of points, and the one with the most points wins the Greek Week trophy!

“So Greekstock?”

Greekstock is a play on “Woodstock”, the famous music festival of 1969. This music festival was one about peace and celebration, and that’s what it felt like this week at Greekstock!

Kendra Franco, Greek Council Programming chair, chose the theme, saying “Woodstock brought together all different kinds of people from all over the country for “3 days of peace and music” which is similar to Greek Week. We all come together for a week and participate in events to remind us that we’re all part of one big community here on campus.”

“So what were the activities this week?”

Monday night was Penny Wars! For two weeks, each organization collected coins, and the ones with the most coins wins. Phi Sigma Sigma won Penny Wars, and all $700 went to Girls Inc., the philanthropy of their choice.

Tuesday night, each organization made banners that had to do with the theme! Then, we all went to Twitter and Facebook, where a poll was made to vote for your favorite banner! The poll was open two days, and Theta Phi Alpha won with 2,414 votes on Facebook and 48% of the votes on Twitter!

Theta Phi Alpha
Phi Sigma Sigma
Alpha Sigma Phi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon

On Wednesday night, the organizations went to O’Keefe to play some games! First, we played “Musical Shoes” (which is like Musical Chairs, but we used shoes as placeholders instead). Theta Phi Alpha won. Then, we all played dodgeball and Alpha Sigma Phi stole the show!

Lastly, Thursday night was Skit Night! While Alpha Sig’s Mike Donovan played an awesome rendition of the National Anthem, just like Jimi Hendrix did at Woodstock, and Theta Phi Alpha performed a dance with music from Woodstock, Phi Sigma Sigma won the night with their dance through the decades where it ended at Woodstock!

“So who won Greek Week?”

The winners of Greek Week were Phi Sigma Sigma, and they definitely deserved it!

Phi Sigma Sigma with the Greek Week trophy

All of the organizations had so much fun this week, from hanging out with the other organizations and dancing our hearts out, to raising hundreds of dollars for a good cause. Hope you’ll join us next year!


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