Tips for Ending the Semester Strong

It’s finally here, the semester is nearing its end and all that anyone can think about is sun and sleeping in. As hard as it is to focus near the end of the semester, it is very important to finish the semester strong, and ensure that all of your hard work for the last three months pays off. Now that my PSA is complete, here are a few tips for surviving and thriving in the last two weeks of the semester.

  1. Stop procrastinating- With classes beginning to wrap up, you undoubtedly have some semester-long projects that are approaching their due date. Don’t wait until the night before they are due to complete them. 13944701232_56f04f4c49_z_Fotor-e1476926940322
  2. Try not to get overwhelmed- It can be tough to stay relaxed when 3 months of procrastination is about to hit you in the face, but stressing out doesn’t make you more productive.3350364_orig
  3. Take care of yourself- If you find yourself overwhelmed with stress, make sure to visit Counseling and Health Services, in Ellison Campus Center, suite 107. Now here is a picture of a puppy to help you relax.puppy
  4. Use a planner- Map out as much of the remainder of the semester as you can. This will help you to plan your time wisely and complete all of your assignments on time.planner
  5. Stop skipping class- With only a few lectures left in each course, there is a good chance that you will miss something very important if you skip any of your classes.class
  6. Start studying for finals- If you have some extra time before reading day, use it to get a head-start on studying for finals. This will prevent panic later on when you try to cram for finals.




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