End of the Year Reflection

Hey First Years!

I cannot believe we are in our last full week of classes. As the year comes to the close I like to take some time to think back on what happened reflect on myself and the world. It is great to reflect on your big accomplishments or things you achieved during the course of an academic year to help motivate you. You may also have experienced some hardships this year. This is a perfect time to think about those, and how you may have overcome those challenges and moved forward! This blog is going to offer some questions for discussion on self reflection as well as talk about some of my personal experiences this school year.

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Here are a list of questions that you can ask yourself:

Did I achieve a goal that I set for myself this year? If not, why? Is there something I can do or change to achieve what I want?

What was my proudest moment this year?

When was a time where I struggled but was able to break through and overcome my obstacles?

What is something I learned about yourself this year?

Is there something that I want to improve about myself?

What skills or talents did I use this year? Which ones did I not use this year?

What kind of environments do I work best in?

In what areas do I need further development?

What am I looking forward to next year?



I feel as though it may be beneficial if I share some of my experiences with you as you think about some of these reflecting questions. The 2016-2017 school year has been a school year full of ups and downs! Some of my largest academic accomplishments happened this year but also I had a really hard time struggling with personal issues and life. So here are my thoughts.

A personal goal of mine this year was to be very involved with our schools radio station WMWM Salem. This year I served as treasurer and Music Director of the station. I was successfully able to plan and execute two conferences as well get us different donors and I even did a give away with concert tickets to the Proximity tour on campus!

My proudest moment… I have a few… One, I was thrilled to be able to work as a volunteer for the Salem National Parks and receiving my volunteer uniform made me so honored and humbled and proud! I was really proud of myself being elected Music Director for next year. I was also really proud of myself when I won a leadership award in the Honors Program and I got inducted into the National Language Honors Society!

One of my biggest struggles this year was a severe depression that I went through for about 2 months. It was after a surgery that I had done during Winter Break and I was going through a breakup. Thankfully I had amazing friends on campus and was able to utilize on campus counseling from the Counseling and Health Services. I am really happy to be overcoming that because it took a huge toll on my school work, my job and day to day activities.

Something that I learned this year about myself is that it is OK to ask for help. I realized I cannot be perfect at everything and that it is okay to struggle. There are so many resources on campus that are available to help you academically, socially and work related so why not use them.

Something I am looking forward to next year is getting to work with an incredible group of people I met through the radio and to continue my passion for music and continue to help and meet new people that are involved.  I am also looking forward to continuing my studies in the geology dept. and hopefully will get an internship next year!


Self reflecting is really crucial to helping people grow and learn. It is important to think and discuss what you do well and what you can improve on. Taking things into consideration may help you to meet new people or find different and new opportunities. Take these last few days to reflect on yourself, Vikings! Good luck with finals and have a great summer!


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