May the 4th Be with You

Hi First Years,

The semester is coming to a close very quickly. I just wanted to remind you of Reading Day that is coming up and a few things that you can do during that time.

First off, let me define what Reading Day is. This day is specifically dedicated for prepping for final exams, getting those final papers and projects out of the way and just getting ready for the semester to come to a close. On Reading day, you will have no classes and then the final exam period begins on Friday May 5th and continues through to May 12th.


Yes, Reading Day is a a time to prioritize towards academics but here are 3 events that are going on around campus for when you need to take a break from studying and cramming.

  1. The Puppies are Coming! Salem State Greek Life is hosting a free event where dogs from the Northeast Animal Shelter will be visiting campus. You can go and de-stress by playing with the puppies. This is going to be located in Marsh Hall and it is going on 11am-1pm. If you are interested, check out the Facebook page. 17990169_1883109971947525_8174705599339731229_o
  2. The Undergraduate Research Symposium is happening! Take a break by walking through this event and looking at your fellow SSU students present their research work. You can take this time develop yourself professionally and maybe even register to present at next year’s event! The event is going to be held in four different locations- North Campus Dining Commons, Ellison Campus Center, Meier Hall and Sullivan Building.
  3. The Art and Design Student Exhibition.  Stop by this event that is in the library to acknowledge student’s artwork that is on display! It will be going on from 1pm-3pm. If you have any questions, reach out to

With all of these great events occurring during Reading Day, I encourage you to attend at least one as a study break. We all need a little time away from academics and to refocus our energy. Good luck with the rest of the semester! You’re all so close to completing your first year of college and you should be proud of yourselves! I wish you all the best and May the Force be with you on May 4th!

-FYM Mikaela


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