5 Tips to Prepare for Finals

Hello Vikings!

Finals are coming up, and you may feel a mix of anxiety about it, but a bit of excitement for the summer. Finals are stressful, and keeping track of all your deadlines can be overwhelming and daunting. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track!

1. Create a to-do list


This one may seem obvious, but create a list of all the final assignments that need to be done from now until the end of the semester. This should include papers, exams, group projects, and even quizzes and homework assignments. Your list can be really long, or really short, but at the end of the year (once you’ve checked everything off), it’s so relieving to look back and see all that you have accomplished in the last few weeks!

2. Get all your notes and handouts together

giphy (1).gif

When it comes to cumulative finals, you may feel overwhelmed of all the material you have learned. Look around your room for handouts and notes you’ve written throughout the semester. It’s easy to lose papers and notes, so find those items now, so you aren’t scrambling the night before the final.

3. Get started on those final papers nowgiphy (2).gif

You can get started on those papers early! Write some notes down, create an outline, do anything to help you get thinking about the paper. This will help you when you actually sit down to write the paper: you’d be surprised about how much you’ve already planned for.

4. Set up meetings with your professors now if you have questionsgiphy (3).gif

It can get difficult to set up meetings with your professors during finals. So set up those meetings now before the end of classes, so you can ask those clarifying questions about assignments or grades.

5. Take advantage of the library’s updated hours

giphy (4).gif

During finals, the library will be open 24 hours. While you should get plenty of sleep, take advantage of these hours by going to the library and getting all your work done. The library is the perfect environment for group projects, online assignments, and doing research!


Good luck on finals everyone! If you have any more questions about study or organization tips, visit us in the First Year Experience office in Meier Hall 100A, or call us at 978.542.2618.



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