A To-Do List for the Summer

Hey First-Years!

Believe it or not, you are almost no longer first-years! You are just about to wrap up your very first year of college!! And for our transfer students, your first year at Salem State! Congratulations!!!! Summer is rapidly approaching and before you know it, you’ll be back for the Fall Semester. So here are some helpful tips as FYE bids you adieu for a short while and awaits your return.

1.) Relax! Eat! Sleep! Repeat. Don’t enter fall semester exhausted. Make sure to recharge your battery during the summer, so that you can hit the ground running in the fall. I know many students work a plethora of hours during the summer, which is great, but just make sure to remember self-care.


2.) Hangout with hometown friends! If you have kept friendship connections in your hometown, make sure to get together and you can share each other’s freshman year stories! Don’t forget about your college friends either! Maybe they live in towns you have never been to before (or have never even heard of), so pay a visit!


3.) If you’re going to live on campus, get in touch with your roommate(s). Figure out who is bringing the microwave, fridge and anything else you want to bring. If you went random, perhaps try to meet with them before you leave for the semester, so you can get to know them better.


4.) Freshman year, you tend to over-pack, because you think that you need everything or perhaps your Mom wants you to be over-prepared. During the summer, figure out what you will actually need and what you ended up not using during school. This will hopefully make packing easier and lighter.


5.) Make sure your classes are good to go. Sometimes not enough students sign up for a certain class or the “TBA” Professor ends up not taking on the class; therefore, on rare occasions, SSU drops a class that you may have been registered for. So just make sure your classes are still listed. In addition, sometimes a class that was closed during registration opens up during the summer. If there was a class you were trying to get into, check to see if it is open.


6.) Make a list of goals that you wish to achieve for sophomore year. Maybe it is to make more friends, get more involved or make Dean’s List! Whatever is on your list will help keep you motivated throughout the year.


Summer is a great time to decompress from the stressful demands of school. There is the beach, friends, family, and many more! Just remember these helpful tips as you enjoy the blissful summer and prepare for Fall Semester.



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