13 Resources After Watching 13 Reasons Why

Hey Vikings!

If you’re anything like me, Netflix has been a blessing in your life! I’ve been able to watch shows from my childhood, gain knowledge through amazing Documentaries, and laugh hysterically from the selection of shows. Netflix itself has a sensational array of original shows that they produce themselves, the most recently being “13 Reasons Why” This Netflix original is based off of the very popular novel by Jay Asher that tells the story of high school girl named Hannah who dies by suicide. The story goes through her life and the multiple reasons that lead to her death and those who impacted her along the way.


Lately, I haven’t been able to log onto any social media without seeing a reference to the show, so I decided to join society and watch it. While I did enjoy the series and thought that it touched upon several important issues that happen far too often in our society, I do want to be clear that is has very mature content and can be triggering to some folks. After watching it I had a lot of unresolved feelings that I felt needed to be talked through. This was a similar topic with some of my other friends who attend Salem State who said that the show left them feeling a little mentally disheveled. Thankfully, our campus has some amazing resources that are at the fingertips of students after they watch this show, or just in general to talk about issues that they are dealing with. Check out these 13 resources after you watch 13 Reasons Why!

  1. Counseling and Health Services

Counseling and health services is staffed by nurse practitioners, a part-time doctor, psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, post-doctoral fellows and advance graduate interns. Health services offers medical care, consultation on health-related issues, health promotion programs, and referrals and collaborations with area providers and primary care physicians.

Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, suite 107, North Campus Phone: 978.542.6413 or 978.542.6410 Hours: Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM

  1. PEAR

The Prevention, Education, Advocacy, and Response Program. In order to reduce sexual and relationship violence, we have to talk about it as an educational community. They provide programs, training’s and discussions on the topics of consent, healthy relationships, gender and sexuality, masculinity, sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, stalking and others. They also provide 24-hour access to PEAR advocate who can support survivors, provide information and connect students to resources. This is a free and confidential resource for students. The free and confidential phone number is 978.594.7089. Feel free to talk or text.

Contact Information: Colleen Armstrong, Room 112, Ellison Campus Center Phone: 978.542.2987

  1. The First Year Experience Office

We are always a resource for our students on campus. Our office serves as a brave space for students to come in and be directed to the proper resources for however they are feeling. We can assure that you will have a safe space and a person to talk to within minutes of your visit.


Contact Information: 100A Meier Hall, call us at 978.542.2618, Hours: Monday- Friday, 9AM-5PM.

  1. Resident Life Staff

If you are a resident student you can always speak with your RA’s, RD’s, and DR’s. There is always somebody on call at any point during the day in the building or on the campus who will be able to talk with you through how you are feeling. They are there for you, so don’t forget to use them! If your RA is not there during a time of crisis, go tot he desk and have them call the on-duty RA to come speak with you.


  1. Student Advocacy

Student advocacy is available to listen to student concerns, provide information, possible next steps and guidance. They provide services that: support students in resolving issues which may act as a barrier to success, refer students to appropriate resources on and off campus, and collaborate with, and when necessary, advocate on behalf of a student with faculty, staff and university departments.

Contact Information: Chris Sullivan, 245 Meier Hall, Student Life Suite, Phone: 978.542.7207, Hours: 8 am-4:30 pm

  1. Disability Services

Disability Services promotes an accessible educational and campus-wide experience by coordinating services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Salem State is committed to providing appropriate services and accommodations that allow self-identified students with disabilities to access all resources, programs and activities at the university.

Contact Information: Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons, room 20, Hours: Monday -Friday, 8:30AM-5PM, Phone: 978.542.6217

  1. Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

The diversity and multicultural affairs office strives to lead Salem State University in sustaining an active campus community that embraces difference, and values the significant contributions of all its members. Through examining the intersections of identity, our community is challenged to think critically about issues relevant to diversity and social justice.


Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, room 202, Hours: 9AM-5PM, Phone: 978.542.2681

  1. The Women’s Center

Serves as a community network for women; providing support, encouragement, teaching, and resources. They hold office hours where they are able to provide a brave space for any student (not just female identified students) who would like to discuss issues that are affecting them.


Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, room 211

  1. The Alliance

The Alliance is a student group that offers opportunities to meet socially, plan events, lobby politically and/or find support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and their straight allies.


Contact Information: Room 206 of the Ellison Campus Center, Phone: 978.542.7541.

  1. CESA Peer Educators

Campus Educators on Sexual Assault (CESA) is a Salem State University recognized club. Their goal is to create awareness and educate others about sexual assault. Their main goal is to prevent sexual assault from happening. They do this by educating others and providing a 5 week training course that is 15 hours long, certifying you as a peer educator in the end.

Contact Information: e-mail is ssu.cesa@gmail.com or “Salem State University CESA” on Facebook

  1. Spiritual Life

Spiritual life represents a collaboration of departments and student groups that engage the community in multi-faith and spiritual encounters. Programs encourage personal reflection, spiritual practice, and interfaith dialogue. They recognize the importance of offering safe and peaceful spaces for conversations about love, loss, religious differences, sexual assault, compassion, and vulnerability. They provide a quiet refuge for reflection and silence, and a haven for the campus community to discover the power of the human spirit.

Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, room 219, Laura Biddle

  1. Veterans’ Affairs

Veterans’ affairs at Salem State is here to assist current and former service members of the armed forces as well as survivors and dependents with both state and federal educational benefit programs.

Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, 2nd Floor

  1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255) (Press # 1 if you are a Veteran) This is a 24 hour hotline for folks to call if they are overwhelmed and need someone to talk to.



**These are just some of the amazing resources our campus has to offer! If you are interested in more or would like to talk about how this blog made you feel, please feel free to reach out, we are here for you!


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