Final Farewells & Special Thanks

It is the end of the semester and with a couple days of classes left and finals coming up it is time to say goodbye. As you reflect on your first year at SSU, you may have realized that you are not the same person you were when you entered in the fall or the spring. You may have changed your major (exactly what I did my freshmen year), made new friends, stopped being friends with old friends, found a new passion, got bored of an old passion, and many more.

As you say goodbye to your first year and enter your second year at SSU it is important to give a special thanks to those who helped you get here:

  1. Your professors: I know personally without some of my professors I would not have had such a great freshmen year and even sophomore year right now. I know a lot of you have made connections with professors in ways you may have never imagined on the first day of class. It is important to reach out to them and let them know how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you this semester or school year. Image result for good professors meme
  2. Staff: The staff at SSU does not get the recognition they deserve. While many are behind the scene, they are really pushing for student success. Offices like First Year Experience, Center for Academic Excellence, the Writing Center, Mapworks, and many more exist solely to aid you in your college experience. Those tough papers and exams that you didn’t know how you were going to go through that the SSU staff helped you through deserve a special thanks. Looking back now you may have realized that you’ve also built relationships with various departments and being able to have supporters in various places makes getting a job out of college easier because it’s all about who you know.Image result for those who helped you meme
  3. Your peers: Those late nights at the library with people who a year ago did not even know you existed deserve a special thanks as well. You have probably made some meaningful friendships this year or this semester believe it or not. I know personally, a lot of the friends I’ve made here at SSU, especially freshmen year have been my biggest supporters in dealing with tough times on campus.  Image result for college friends meme
  4. Yourself: While all of these people deserve a special thanks a lot of these things wouldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for your own personal drive and ambition. Being away from home is scary. You were just in high school being told what to do and here you are on a college campus without your family basically trying to figure out your whole life. You owe it to yourself for getting through all of the mental breakdowns and the times where you thought succeeding at SSU would be impossible. You owe it to yourself for making it out in the end because a lot of people gave up. It’s only going to get tougher from here, so you being able to conquer freshmen year deserves a big thanks.

Image result for special thanks meme


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