Advice From a Senior to a Freshman

Hey First-Years!

This will be my final blog of the school year and final blog as a First Year Mentor. It has been an honor and privilege you write blogs about my experiences here at Salem State and share them with you and hopefully they helped you through your first year of college.

Here are two big pieces of advice from a senior to a freshman that I feel are extremely important!

      1. Take your education seriously, but not too seriously!

As a freshman in college, you are starting at a brand new place, with brand new people, and new experiences. This isn’t high school anymore. You’re paying for your education now and hopefully going into a major that your passionate about. Put your all into your education and take everything you can from it. Also at the same time don’t take things to seriously. Your college years are supposed to be a time that you learn about yourselves and experience things. Give yourself that time to have fun as well! You deserve it!

      2. Be open to new experiences!

As a freshman, I can definitely understand that things can be overwhelming at first because there is so much that you can get involved with and you may not know what you want to do. My advice is to just stay open to anything that comes up. My freshman year I was terrified to join something because 1) I had no idea what you join and what I wanted to be involved with 2) everything was overwhelming to me and wasn’t sure what to do. I realized how I felt about that and changed my outlook on things and became more open and joined more groups. I can now say I am a part of the Salem State Education Club, FAB (First Year Advisory Board), and I am a First Year Mentor. If I didn’t branch out and attend those first year events, I would have never been where I am today. I am a better person because I opened up and did something new.

Your college years are the times where you grow and learn about yourself, change for the better, and take those next steps in reaching that final goal of working and doing what you love in life. I hope by writing this blog you can take something from it to help you through your college career.

Thank you all so much for everything.

And for the final time…

-FYM Kathryn 


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