Why do I need to read FYRE book?!

Hey Vikings!

We hope that your Summer is everything you’ve wanted so far! Lots of adventures with hometown friends, vacations with your family, working in your local town so you have lots of spending money once you get to Salem, and most importantly, reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay! Not only is Bad Feminist an enticing selection that will get you thinking about major theories and concepts, but it will also hold a huge role in your first year experiences at Salem State through classroom discussions, programmatic efforts, and most importantly- your first few days on campus!


“What ways will it be important in my first few days?!”

The day before classes start all of the first year students come together for an awesome day full of activities. During this time you’ll have the opportunity to meet in small groups with other first year students, faculty, staff, and members of the O-Team. This will be a space where you are able to share your thoughts and questions about Bad Feminist with folks who have also read the book. Conversations range from themes of the book, to the relation of current events to the book, and even just conversations about college life!


In addition to the the reading groups, during your first few days of classes, specifically in your First Year Seminar there will be many conversations about Bad Feminist and its impact on your experience thus far! Throughout the semester is may come up more when certain topics relate back to the text.



“So, do I really need to read the entire book?”

YES! Like we said before, there will be a lot of dialogue happening around Bad Feminist, so it’s essential that you read it before coming to campus! Not only is it a great read, but it will help you tremendously in your classes as a first year student. Also, who knows, maybe you’ll find a passion that you never knew about before reading the book!



“By programs do you mean just lectures and stuff?”

NO! Here at FYE we like to do the right amount of “educational” programming in addition to “fun” programming (and sometimes you get lucky, and it’s a combination of both!) You can look forward to guest speakers, feminist art exhibits, collaborations with outside resources, and much more! Check out the First Year Experience social media pages (Mathew Reed on Facebook) throughout the year for information on upcoming programs!



“Wow FYE, you’re right, the book was amazing! How can I learn more?!”

Well, we don’t want to say we were right, but… ANYWAYS! There are SO many ways for you to stay connected with all the topics that were discussed in Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. For example, if you were impressed by the writing style of Roxane Gay, you could always check out more of her publications. Additionally, on our First Year Experience Pinterest account we have created an entire board that is focused on the topics and conversations that Bad Feminist addresses. Through this outlet you may be able to find more authors, artists, musicians, and public figures with similar ideologies as Roxane Gay. Finally, if you are really impressed by what you learned in Bad Feminist, maybe look into courses for the Spring semester that will increase your academic knowledge on the subjects. Some of our mentors have taken courses like Women in Politics, Women’s and Gender Studies, Social Inequality: Race, Class, and Gender, Understanding Diversity, and so many more!




(Some of our other favorites from Roxane Gay)




If you have any questions about Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to contact the First Year Experience office via email, social media, or phone. We can’t wait to hear what you think!


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