Top 10 Items to Bring to Campus

Hey Vikings!

Going into college is hard. It’s a totally new experience with new people, living situations, and most importantly- new stuff! But, knowing exactly what you need to bring to campus can make this transition much easier. Make sure if you’re living on campus that these items are on your shopping list!


1. Shower Tote



A shower tote will make your life so much easier when it comes to showering. This is definitely an essential for every first year college student!




2. Twin XL Sheets

Unfortunately, regular twin sheets will not fit on your new mattress. You will need to go out and buy specific Twin XL (Extra Long) sheets for the mattress. They are not much more expensive than regular sheets, so don’t fret! But, make sure to purchase at least 2 pairs, that way you have a backup in case yours are dirty and you don’t feel like doing laundry!



3. Laundry Basket on Wheels


THIS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! It seems like such a minimal thing, but carrying 3 weeks of laundry through the building isn’t the easiest thing! Spend the extra couple of dollars to save yourself in the long run! Also, I’m guilty of using this as a shopping cart to wheel groceries from my car to my room… who doesn’t love a multipurpose tool?!




4. First Aid Kit

This is something a lot of new students don’t realize they need until they don’t have one! Think of it, when your home you usually have all first aid stuff in your medicine cabinet or at easy access from your parents. In college, you’re independent and will not have easy access to these things. Make sure you at least get a pack of band aids and a bottle of Hydrogen peroxide to suit your needs!



5. Surge Protector




This is something that everyone who is living on campus will need to buy for their new room. A surge protector will save your electronics that need plugging in and also provide more outlets for you to use!



6. Clorox Wipes




It’s essential to make sure your room stays clean and sanitary during the year! With Clorox wipes you can avoid a dirty room and some nasty germs!




7. A Fan

Just a warning: these rooms can get pretty hot! In the beginning of the year it’s hot due to the Summer heat, and then in the Winter it’s hot because they crank the heat to ensure we’re all toasty! Having a fan will save you on those nights where you’re a little too toasty!



8. Swiffer

This is another items a lot of folks don’t realize they need until they don’t have one! A Swiffer is a quick fix to a dirty floor. This could even be an item that you split the cost with your roommate for!

tenor (1)


9. Ethernet cable

There is nothing worse than having an assignment due at midnight and having the WiFi start acting up at 11:50! Make sure to pack an Ethernet cable in your college essentials so your internet connection can be stronger during those times!



10. A lamp or string lights


The overhead lights in the Residence Halls are anything but dull. If you’re the kind of person who prefers more subtle lighting, especially at night or when doing homework (like me), then a desk lamp or string lights to hang around your room are the way to go! This will also be helpful if you want to have some softer light to work in while your roommate is sleeping.




Now that you have an idea of what to bring to campus, get out there while those deals are happening! If you have any more questions about what to bring (or more importantly- not to bring) feel free to reach out to the First Year Experience Office via Social Media, email, or phone.


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