Myth Busters: SSU Commuter Edition

With over 7,000 undergraduate students at Salem State University commuters make up a large majority of the population. With Salem’s centralized location it is a popular pick for many students from surrounding cities. Even though such a large portion of our students are commuters, that option can get a bad name sometimes. But, luckily FYE is here to bust some of the popular myths that you may come across as a commuter student! Check out these 6 phrases that you’re likely to hear as a commuter student:

“Commuter students rarely get involved on campus.”

FALSE! Every day of week there is a different event for folks to go to and meet others with similar interests. Do you like social justice? Go hangout with the Culture and Identity based groups (LASO, MSA, ASA, The Alliance, etc.) Do you like sports? Join an intramural sport team! Want to meet other who love giving back? Join the Community Service Initiative for one of their Service Saturday’s. There’s always something to do and people to do it with

Salem+State+University+First+Day+of+service+canon_0288(Students from Salem State Participating in Community Service Projects)

“Commuters should cram their schedule all into 2 days.”

MAYBE?! Welcome to college, the decision is yours! Some commuters prefer only traveling to campus 2 days a week and taking classes back to back, but others prefer having a spread out over the week. You have the flexibility when picking your classes to choose what you do with your semester.


“Commuters only come to campus for their classes, and then leave.”

FALSE! Many commuters come for their classes, but stay for the amazing events occurring on campus, or the numerous friends they have made. Your experience is all up to you!





“Once you choose to be a commuter, you can’t live on campus ever!”

FALSE! If you decide that commuting isn’t for you, you have the ability to apply for housing for the upcoming semester (even if that means you move in during the Spring semester). For more information, contact the Residence Life office!


“Commuters have to circle around campus for hours to find a spot!”

FALSE! Salem State recently built a giant parking garage on North Campus for its commuters. There’s also parking lots on South Campus, across from Central Campus, and at the O’Keefe complex!


(North Campus Parking Garage)


“Being a commuter is cheaper than living on campus.”

TRUE… (for a lot of students, but not everyone!) Since students who commute do not have to pay to live on campus, their cost is dramatically different. Additionally, the cost of parking pass for a commuter student is much less expensive than for a student living on campus.




We hope a few of your commuting worries have been put to rest after busting these myths with us! If you have any more questions or concerns about commuting to Salem State, FYE is always here for you!


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