There’s Nothing Minor about a Minor!

Hey Vikings!

Now that you’re well into your first semester and get the general idea of how college works, it’s time to explore different options for your future! Picking a major is a very important part of college, but have you thought about a minor yet? Some students look at adding a minor in one of two ways:


  1. Enhancing/Complimenting your major
  2. A fun way of exploring a different subject area


What do I mean by complementing your major? Well, some majors and minors go well together and will intersect the areas of your learning. For example, I am a Social Work major with a Political Science minor. The field of work that I am interested into going with this combination is becoming a LGBTQ+ liaison for homeless youth. With my Social Work major I will be able to work with my clients and help them find the resources they need, like housing, counseling, health services, and education. With my Political Science minor I will be able to work with the public policy aspect of this issue and use the governmental resources to my advantage. Another example of a complementing major/minor combination is a History major with an Educational Studies minor, which would encourage a student to be a History teacher.


The other aspect of a minor is choosing one that will let you have some fun with your college coursework. We all know that doing your major requirements and General Education requirements can be a lot at times, so by choosing a minor that allows you stray away from your main focus, you can take some classes that will open up other creative windows. For example, a Math major may want to get away from all the numbers and minor in Art so they can be creative and take classes that are more hands on. Another example may be a Business major who wants to minor in English because they enjoy creative writing.


The possibilities are endless here at Salem State for a great combination of a Major/Minor. Make sure to talk to your advisor about the different possibilities during your advising appointment- which is coming up soon, and if you need any more help don’t hesitate to stop by the FYE office in Meier Hall room 100A!


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