Places to Study

Hi Vikings! I hope the semester is going well so far! I know things are starting to heat up due to mid-terms, regular homework assignments, papers and advising. Because of your homework load, it is important to have places to study that work best for you!


1.) Your room

Whether it is in one of the residence halls or at home, sometimes your room is the best place to study, because that is where you are most comfortable. Sometimes you have a great desk that you can work on or maybe you like to do homework on your bed. Whichever way your room is structured, sometimes there is no place like home.

studying 1


2.) A lounge

Peabody, Bowditch and Marsh Hall have great lounges to do homework! You can either grab a private lounge or invite your friends to do homework with you! Unless they are a major distraction of course. Sometimes people you do not know yet will ask to share a lounge with you and that is a great way to make new friends!

3.) Dunkin Donuts (first floor in Meier Hall, North Campus) or Starbucks (Viking Hall, Central Campus)

If you are like me, there are days where I love food more than anything else. Taking breaks during long homework sessions is helpful, so during that break, you can buy a quick snack. DD has nice booths, tables and chairs; Starbucks has comfortable chairs, music and a television, if you need background noise while studying.

studying 4      Starbucks


4.) The library  (North Campus)

The library is one of the most popular places to study on campus. There are computers available for use, study rooms, and it is quiet. The first floor and second floor allow whispering, but the third floor prohibits any talking. The library is a great place to do a little studying in between classes or for long homework sessions.

studying 2


5.) Bertolon School of Business (Central Campus)

If you live in Marsh or you are on central campus a lot, Bertolon is a great place to study if you do not want to walk all the way to the library. There are tons of tables and chairs for you, and because a lot of people do not use Bertolon to study, it is very quiet there. In addition, the building has vending machines and a little cafe to buy food!

6.) Commuter Lounge (first floor in Ellison Campus Center, North Campus)

If you are a commuter, this is a helpful place to do homework. There are computers available for use and you can meet other commuters while doing homework.


It is important to remember that everyone has a different study location that works for them. Some can handle their friends talking around them and some prefer a quiet place. Some people are okay with other people doing homework near them and some people like to do homework in private. There are a ton of areas in which you can study, so find the one that fits for you!

studying 5

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