Wait.. I can make an appetizer, entree, and dessert in the microwave?!


So I know sometimes living in a Residence Hall that does not have a oven can be difficult sometimes. We crave food that sometimes we THINK we can’t make in the Residence Hall or we think is impossible and sometimes seems too expensive!

Here are a list of the things you can make with the ingredients and recipes you can do RIGHT IN THE MICROWAVE!

-Gluten Free Enchiladas! 


Great way to enjoy a Mexican dish even if you can’t eat Gluten!

-Chocolate Peanut butter mug cake!


AMAZING late night snack that hits all those sweet spots!

-French Toast


Basically a Good morning text in food form!

-Vegan Coffee Cake                             


Vegans enjoy a great dessert too!

-Scrambled Eggs


Wake up or go to sleep to some scrambled eggs. We don’t discriminate what time cause they are good 24/7!

-Penne Al Fresco


OKAYYYYY,  we can get fancy in our rooms too!

Always remember when looking for microwave recipes to be safe and cautious and always use the right plates, dishes, and containers!

If you do not have a microwave feel free to ask a friend or use the microwaves placed around campus at the dining halls too!

Have fun, Eat Good, and Stay Laughing!

-FYM Ant


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