Why YOU Should Take the Mapworks Survey

Hello Vikings!

I hope your semesters are going well! You may have gotten the emails, seen the posts, and received a flier: the Mapworks Spring 2018 Transition Survey is out!

Mapworks is an office that is built to give you the resources you need to do well. They give you tips to succeed and have contact information with all the faculty here, so that they can help contact your professors directly.

The Mapworks survey takes place twice every academic year, one during the fall and one during the spring. The surveys ask questions about your academic, economic, social, and work life to see how you are doing at the university. These surveys are designed with your needs in mind, and allow you to express any concerns or praises of the university.

After the survey are done, you get a Student Reports, where it shows you resources that you may need, influenced by the answers you gave on the survey. Each report is different and is customized to your answers and what you indicated you needed.

Taking the survey allows the school to better itself, give you resources to offices you may want to contact, and you’re entered into a raffle for different prizes! There’s still time to enter, so definitely take the survey today!27459313_1472175936226816_643146910769305848_n

To take the survey, go to “SalemState.edu” and hover over “Info For”. You then click “Faculty and Staff” and scroll down on the next page to “Mapworks” and use your SSU login to take the survey! You also received the email about the survey, which gives you your link to it as well.

Have a great day! Be sure to visit Mapworks in their office in Meier Hall 245A if you have any questions or to pick up your prizes if you win!

– FYM Shelbie


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