10 Songs to Jam to While Studying

Hello Vikings!

Finals are quickly approaching, and it can be difficult to find that PERFECT playlist for studying! Whether you’re in the library, your room, or at Starbucks, listening to music can help you write that paper or study for that exam.

Here are 10 songs that I like to listen to when I study!

  1. Warriors – Too Many ZoozFYM Kelly introduced me to this group! They do really cool, jazzy instrumental music that is up-tempo and can get you motivated!
  2. Angels – KhalidThis artist has a beautiful, soothing voice and the piano that accompanies it in this song is wonderful! This song is perfect for studying or even taking a break from an assignment!
  3. Saturn – Sleeping at LastThe first song that has words in it, this song is half instrumental, half filled with beautiful lyrics! Check out his entire discography if you enjoy classical music with a modern feel to it.
  4. The Good Side – Troye SivanWith beautiful vocals, this song has an acoustic feel to it with the guitar, but it also picks up with an electronic pop beat that matches well with the tone of the song. This is a great song to listen to when you’re typing out a paper!
  5. Molecules – Hayley KiyokoA newer song, this artist just released her debut album and many are excited to hear an openly gay woman of color be recognized more in mainstream media! This song is one with vocals, and is a slower song but builds up, keeping you motivated throughout whatever you’re working on!
  6. Indian Summer – Jai WolfFeatured on the show “How to Get Away with Murder,” this song is also an instrumental with a faster tempo and keeps you on track!
  7. Flicker – Niall HoranThis artist’s whole album sounds like the background music of a coffee shop. Much of the album is comprised of guitar, and this song is one that has wonderful instrumentation and beautiful lyrics.
  8. What About Me? – Snarky PuppyAnother instrumental song, this song has a jazz and rock vibe that can be good for anyone who needs motivation to power through their work!
  9. Africa – Andy McKeeAn acoustic, instrumental cover of Africa by Toto, this artist was recommended to me by Student Success Coach Dan! If you like guitar and more acoustic, laid back music, this song is for you!
  10. push pull – Purity RingThis electronic duo created this song which is beautiful on its own, but the lush vocals of Megan James puts it on another level that can help anyone stay calm during a study session!

You can listen to the playlist here on Spotify if you’d like! I made a public playlist for you all!

I hope this playlist helps you study and keep motivated, and good luck with finals!

– First Year Mentor Shelbie 🙂



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