Move In Early

Move in day can be stressful. There are long lines of people, cars and barely any blue bins in sight. There are multiple programs you can get involved in that also give you the benefit of moving in early. Here are my top three tips on how to avoid the craziness of move-in day and get involved on campus.

Join O-Team

O teams is a great way to ditch the traffic and also get involved on campus. As part of the O-team, you get to move in a few days before everyone else and get some free merch. As an O team member, you will be required to take part in the First Year Day of Service, help lead the discussion on the new FYRE book, and welcome the new freshmen.

The application is out now and the deadline is April 27th.


More Info:


Work on Campus

So there are actually a few jobs you can apply for to either work on campus for the summer and have free housing or have an early move-in day. Unfortunately, it’s too late to apply for the Reslife positions, but there are still options. The fitness center at O’keefe hosts their training a few days before move-in day. So if you are looking for a job and wanna move in a few days early…

There is also an outside group hosting a conference (Capstone on Campus Management) and is looking for 14 people to live on campus and work (hourly) through the summer. They have already begun their interview process so I would fill out the application quickly;


Join a Sport

If you are passionate about sports and looking to get involved the fall sports; soccer, field hockey, Golf, etc, more in early to start training.




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