5 Pieces of Advice from a Senior

Hello Vikings!

I’m a senior here at SSU, and I have worked at FYE for the past three years! It’s crazy to think that I’m graduating in just a few weeks, and that this is the last blog I’ll write! As you all are gearing up for your next year as a Viking, I’m reflecting on my time as a Viking. I have learned so much during my time here at Salem State, and I want to give you all some advice!

1. Get Involved

This is the piece of advice that I have written countless blogs about, told prospective students on tour when I was an Ambassador, and just talked about with my sorority sisters. Getting involved at Salem State makes your experience all the more worthwhile. Whether it’s getting a job on campus, joining a group or club, or attending an RA’s program, going the extra mile here creates opportunities for yourself and gives you so many more connections.

2. Take Pictures

College is full of making memories. I got my first job(s) in college, met my sorority sisters and best friends, and made connections with faculty and professors that will last a long time. Many of these memories are made at events, meetings, or just a normal shift at work! Take plenty of pictures! I have plenty of pictures saved to my Snapchat memories of my time here at Salem State, ones that I always reminisce on with my friends. Take plenty of pictures; senior year you will thank you!!

Here are some pictures from the last few years! (A lot of mine are on my hard drive so I don’t have them on hand!)

Some of my sorority sisters and I (The Faith Family) at our Chartering Celebration!)
From an Open House!
Our last Bid Day!

3. Enjoy Salem

I’ve met so many seniors who had yet to go to the Peabody Essex Museum, go to the Salem Willows, or go downtown during Halloween! Your Clipper Card gets you free admission to most museums downtown and many restaurants take Clipper Cash! Take a night to experience downtown Salem and make even more memories!

4. Connect with Your Professors

I know it may seem daunting, but making connections with your professors really changes your experience here at SSU. Checking in with them on your office hours, asking them for help on outside projects, or going to department events they hold on campus! Professors are awesome people to work with and get to know, and they can give you connections and resources for the future! Keeping in contact with professors after their class is over can give you a connection to the university even after you graduate!

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Speaking from personal experience, college can get stressful. But there are so many resources here to help you throughout those difficult times. Go to a professor, talk with a supervisor, see a counselor for a second opinion. There are so many resources here of people who want to help you and meet you where you are, so utilize those resources!


I hope this advice helps you in some way. Good luck with everything for next year, Vikings! Embrace every moment of your time at Salem State, whether it’s your time in classes or hanging out with new friends, try to enjoy every minute of it.

Good luck on everything you do, Vikings!

-FYM Shelbie 🙂


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