Life Lessons: MOTIVATION

Hey First-Years! As a fellow student, I understand the difficulty of keeping yourself motivated throughout your experience. Here are some tips on staying motivated through all of the stress you might encounter in your time as a college student. 1. Never stop Exploring, Dreaming, or Learning. Part of pursuing a degree, comes with exploring your... Continue Reading →


Why YOU Should go to the Study Abroad Fair!

Hey First-Years! Welcome back to another fabulous semester here at Salem State University! A new semester means a new, fresh start, but it also means its time to get back into the groove of thinking about your future here as a Viking! If you are one of the many students on this campus that are... Continue Reading →

Are YOU Ready for READING DAY?!

Hello all of you lovely First-Years! As we are closing in on your first round of finals here at Salem State, it is important that you know about Reading Day!! Reading day is on December 13th, (the day after classes end), and is a day full of studying all over campus. This is an amazing... Continue Reading →

Grilled Cheese for Giving Event!!

Hey First-years!! Do you like grilled cheese?! Do you like giving to those in need?! Look no further!! Coming to BOWDITCH and PEABODY halls, the Student Philanthropy Council will be hosting our GRILLED CHEESE FOR GIVING event! We will have different types of cheeses and toppings for your custom made grilled cheese! We will be... Continue Reading →

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