Mental Health Awareness Week

Salem State University provides awareness to the importance of maintaining body health and how it can be neglected during the busy time of the semester! There are an immense amount of events that are set up this week. To begin on Tuesday, March 28:  11am-2pm stop into Viking 123 for the Fresh Check Day for booths... Continue Reading →


How to Reduce Cabin Fever

Are you sick and tired of the cold, wintery mix that has repetitively struck the New England Coast over the past week? Well, I am exhausted of sitting inside a not-so cozy college dorm; bored, from light until dark due to Mother Nature's calling. Yes classes have been called off and we are free from... Continue Reading →


There are some interesting events coming up on campus here at Salem State University in the next few weeks. *To begin; today and tomorrow, January 23, 2017 and January 24, 2017 the 27th MLK Convocation is occurring at the Ellison Campus Center at Vets Hall. The event is the conclusion of our weeklong celebration of... Continue Reading →

Strut Your Mutt Event

As humans we are lucky to have pets, they can change lives and create so much positivity and happiness in ones life. Do something for your dog and the community as well by coming out to the event on campus to help raise money for the Northeast Animal Shelter!! On Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 10 am bring... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Homesickness

  Being homesick is a very overwhelming feeling that causes stress due to an actual or anticipated separation from home. Transitioning from high school to college with the work load, social involvement, extracurricular activities, and expectations is already difficult. In addition to all of those items, add on the stress of living on campus with... Continue Reading →

What FYE can do for you!!

Now that the first month is over most of ya’ll are probably feeling pretty comfortable and know a good amount about Salem State. You’ve come to our office and asked your questions, got some candy, maybe met a mentor?! Awesome, we’ve done our job, we’re done for the rest of the year, time to go... Continue Reading →

16 Facts for FYM Dara!

Hello! Here are some interesting facts about me. 1.) I am a sophomore here at Salem State University studying social work. 2.) I am an out of state student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 3.) I play on the Salem State women's ice hockey team as a forward. 4.) This is my second year working in the... Continue Reading →

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