A To-Do List for the Summer

Hey First-Years!

Believe it or not, you are almost no longer first-years! You are just about to wrap up your very first year of college!! And for our transfer students, your first year at Salem State! Congratulations!!!! Summer is rapidly approaching and before you know it, you’ll be back for the Fall Semester. So here are some helpful tips as FYE bids you adieu for a short while and awaits your return.

1.) Relax! Eat! Sleep! Repeat. Don’t enter fall semester exhausted. Make sure to recharge your battery during the summer, so that you can hit the ground running in the fall. I know many students work a plethora of hours during the summer, which is great, but just make sure to remember self-care.


2.) Hangout with hometown friends! If you have kept friendship connections in your hometown, make sure to get together and you can share each other’s freshman year stories! Don’t forget about your college friends either! Maybe they live in towns you have never been to before (or have never even heard of), so pay a visit!


3.) If you’re going to live on campus, get in touch with your roommate(s). Figure out who is bringing the microwave, fridge and anything else you want to bring. If you went random, perhaps try to meet with them before you leave for the semester, so you can get to know them better.


4.) Freshman year, you tend to over-pack, because you think that you need everything or perhaps your Mom wants you to be over-prepared. During the summer, figure out what you will actually need and what you ended up not using during school. This will hopefully make packing easier and lighter.


5.) Make sure your classes are good to go. Sometimes not enough students sign up for a certain class or the “TBA” Professor ends up not taking on the class; therefore, on rare occasions, SSU drops a class that you may have been registered for. So just make sure your classes are still listed. In addition, sometimes a class that was closed during registration opens up during the summer. If there was a class you were trying to get into, check to see if it is open.


6.) Make a list of goals that you wish to achieve for sophomore year. Maybe it is to make more friends, get more involved or make Dean’s List! Whatever is on your list will help keep you motivated throughout the year.


Summer is a great time to decompress from the stressful demands of school. There is the beach, friends, family, and many more! Just remember these helpful tips as you enjoy the blissful summer and prepare for Fall Semester.


Summer Classes 2017

The sky is blue and the heat has returned to the Salem State campus. People are wearing shorts and pulling out their shades. Students are wrapping up their semester and getting ready for finals, because after that, what time is it?! Summer time! Many students will travel or work, but some may choose to enroll in one or several summer classes! Here are some benefits of enrolling in summer classes.


1.) Ability to catch up or get ahead

The regular fall or spring semester can be very challenging. Perhaps you had to withdraw from a class or decided to only take four classes instead of five. Taking a summer class allows you to catch up with your curriculum. In addition, maybe you are caught up with your curriculum, but wish to graduate a semester early. Summer courses will put you ahead of the game!

summer 2

2.) Smaller class sizes

Summer classes are typically smaller than the classes of the normal academic year. This is usually due to a lower enrollment count. If you prefer smaller classes that gives you a higher student-teacher interaction, then a summer course would be great!

summer 3

3.) Lighter Work Load

The normal academic year requires you to take five classes. Five classes is a lot on top of your personal responsibilities such as family and work. If you choose to take a summer course, it is only ONE course. You only have to worry about one class and complete homework for one class. How nice is that?! (Unless you would like to take more than one course)

summer 4

4.) Sticking to the routine

Entering fall semester after three months of no school can be extremely difficult. You may find it hard to be motivated or to return to the school routine. Taking a summer class keeps you in school mode, so that fall semester is an easier transition from the summer time.

summer 5

5.) Shorter Classes

Summer classes typically run from 1 week, to 6 weeks, to the full 12 weeks. Although this shorter time frame may seem intense, if you are a student who grows tired of a class after about a month and likes to finish as soon as possible, then consider taking a short summer class.

summer 6

6.) Learning because you WANT to

Last, but not least, taking a summer class is great if you just want to learn. You do not have to take a summer course simply because your degree tracker demands it, but take it, because there is a class that interests you. For example, I am a Criminal Justice major, and my professor told us about his summer course about gangs. It is an online course (another secret benefit of summer courses, you may not even have to go to class!) that sounds very interesting to me.

summer 7


-You can register for summer classes on your Navigator account in the same way that you register for the normal academic year.

-To find a list of the courses being offered in the summer, you can go to the Salem State University website and in the search bar, type “summer at Salem State”. An information booklet and list of summer courses is in the middle of the website page in a PowerPoint format.

-The ballpark price of a four credit online class, with a parking pass: $1260

*Classes may vary slightly in price

summer 1



Enough is Enough Week

Hi, first-years! The last week in March was dedicated to several activities and events relating to mental health. Hopefully you were able to get involved and learn different ways to take care of your mental health! There will be another week coming up in April full of activities and events, but this week’s themes are consent education, healthy relationships and sexual assault prevention. Welcome to Enough is Enough Week and I hope you are able to participate!

Enough is Enough         Monday, April 10th

  • Mayoral Proclamation
  • 10:00AM-12:00PM, Old Town Hall in Salem

The mayor is signing a document that states that Salem recognizes April as Sexual Assault Awareness month. There will be a few speeches conveying why sexual assault is an important issue to talk about and one of the speakers will be from a club (CESA) from Salem State University!

Campus Educators on Sexual Assault (CESA) is a club on campus that teaches consent and sexual assault prevention. The club presents at Orientation, to classes on campus, and to high school classes. CESA also holds engaging events on campus to bring awareness about this social issue. CESA meets at 5:00 on Tuesdays in the Bertolon School of Business (in the café area) if you would like to join! The club will be very active in Enough is Enough Week.

  • Walk a Mile in Her Shoes
  • Time TBD, location will most likely be on North Campus and Central Campus

The fraternity, SAE, will be walking in high heels between North and Central campus to bring awareness about female victims of sexual assault and violence.

Tuesday, April 11th

  • Art Therapy Self-Care with Counseling and Health Services
  • Location and Time TBD
  • Break-Up Workshop
  • 5:00PM-6:30PM, location TBD

Training on how to have a healthy break-up


Wednesday, April 12th

  • Consent Day
  • 11:00AM-1:00PM, Library Quad on North Campus

    Banner for people to sign, saying they will ask for consent before any sexual activity, games, activities


  • Dinner and a keynote presentation by a sexual assault survivor
  • 6:00PM-8:00PM, MLK Room in the ECC on North Campus

Thursday, April 13th

  • Bystander Intervention Training
  • 4:30PM-6:00PM, location TBD

Friday, April 14th

  • Raspberry Swirl Drag Show
  • Doors open 5:30PM, show starts at 6:00PM, Vets Hall in the ECC on North Campus

$10 SSU students
$13 non SSU students 
$10 meet + greet

*Contact the Alliance club for any questions, First Year Mentor, Stella Willis, is the President

Capture 1

Enough is Enough Week aims to:

-spread awareness about sexual and domestic violence in LGBTQ communities

-Promote norms about healthy relationships, healthy sexuality and reproductive health for all SSU students

-Encourage bystanders to speak out against sexual violence

-Remove the stigma around all survivors of sexual violence disclosing and accessing on or off campus support

Keep an eye out for the Enough is Enough Week flyers, and if you are available, come check out the wide range of events that Salem State will be putting on in support of Sexual Assault Awareness month!



Career Services: An On-Campus Resource


What is it?

Career Services is an on-campus resource that helps you with career exploration and skills needed for a career.

Where is it?

Career Services is located in room 105 in the Ellison Campus Center on North Campus. It’s near the Commuter Lounge and Counseling and Health Services.

How can Career Services help me?

This office provides a variety of services such as helping you explore career options, create or add onto your resume, practice interview skills, find an internship, create a LinkedIn account and more!



Do I have to schedule an appointment?

Career Services has Walk-In Hours!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 10AM-12:00PM

Thursdays: 2:00PM-4:00PM

Fridays: 10AM-12:00PM

*Walk-In Hours are suspended during reading days, holidays, breaks and the summer.

You can also make an appointment though. Phone number is: 978.542.6406 and e-mail is
career@salemstate.edu. Or you can make an appointment at the office.

You can also make an account on the office’s website where you can upload your resume, look at job openings, see upcoming career event postings and more!

Just type in Career Services in the SSU Website search bar, and towards the bottom of the page you’ll find this, where you can click on the link.

career services

Finding a career can sound very intimidating, as well as finding an internship, creating a resume and how to handle an interview. The whole professional process can be overwhelming, but do not worry, Career Services is here to help you out!

last pic


What’s Great About Living at Salem State

March 1st is an important date. Want to know why? Besides being the start of a new month-Spring Break month-the 1st is when resident students’ housing deposits are due! What’s a housing deposit, you ask?

If you wish to live on campus next semester, Fall 2017, you must pay a housing deposit to ensure that Salem State Residence Life saves a room for you. The housing deposit is $300 and you can pay it on Navigator.

There are many benefits to living on campus, such as:

1.) Proximity

Living in a residence hall allows you to be in close proximity to everything on campus. You are within walking distance to your classes, the dining halls, the gym and your friends’ rooms.


2.) It’s a great place to meet new people

Residence Halls house more than 300 students! Whether it is playing pool on the ground floor or doing homework in a lounge, you have a chance to meet all types of people.


3.) You can live with your friends

Do you hate living in a different residence hall than your friends? Perhaps they live in Marsh on Central Campus and you are constantly walking between Marsh and your dorm on North Campus. Well, as upperclassmen, you have the opportunity to live in the same residence hall or at least all on Central Campus (Marsh Hall and Viking Hall). You also have the chance to have your friends as roommates.


Students moving into Viking Hall

Living on campus is a wonderful contribution to your college experience, so make sure you pay your housing deposit, because the deadline is March 1st! If you do not know how to pay it, here are the steps:

On Navigator, click on the “Make a housing edeposit”link that is located on the left side of the page under Quick Links.


Next, click on “click here”


On the next page, click on “eDeposits” that is located at the top of the page.



The following pages, “Amount”, “Payment Method”, “Confirmation” and “Payment Receipt” walk you through the rest of the steps.



If you have any questions:

Student Navigation Center Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-5 pm, Friday 10 am-5 pm
Wednesday 5 pm – 6 pm open for phone service only


71 Loring Avenue
Central Campus
Classroom Building (Bertolon School of Business), second floor


The campus life is a great life, so give it a try! And don’t worry, commuters, you rock too!


Salem State’s Got Talent!

Academics can be an intimidating task and sometimes you may feel like you are not good at anything. You cannot write your notes faster than the professor is talking, you have no idea how your math professor started incorporating the alphabet into equations and there is no way you can read a book in two weeks. Education is quite the mountain to climb.


However, in times when you are doubting your abilities, it is important to remember what you ARE good at. Whether it is singing, drawing, or making jokes, remember that school cannot defeat you. Acing a test might be someone’s talent, but it is not everyone’s. It is important to remember that you are unique with your own individual talents. My hidden talent, for example, is writing poetry and raps. Whenever I’m stressed out about school or feel like I’m not good at a certain subject (science), I remind myself that there are certain things that I am good at. After writing for a little while, I feel good about myself again and continue to tackle my homework. You can also use your talents as strengths and help people who are still working at that talent. For example, helping someone improve their poetry skills or helping someone improve their study skills. Everyone has a talent that they can show off.


In addition, if you do not wish to pursue your talent at the moment, you can watch other people’s talent!

WMWMSalem (our University radio station) is putting on a talent show! The show is on February, 15th. The doors open at 7PM and close at 9PM. Dinner is first come, first served. The show is located in Vet’s Hall in the Ellison Campus Center on North Campus. Valid ID is required for entry (your clippercard). There will be prizes for the winners. Come support your friends and classmates as they show off their talents!


Don’t let academics bring you down when you have hidden talents to bring you up!


Easy Exercise Methods for When Working Out is not Working Out


Salem State is all about academic success and exercising your brain. However, it is also important to exercise physically. We all marvel at the people who constantly go to the gym, but dedicating time for the gym is not for everyone. Some people just do not prefer the gym and some people do not have enough time to fit in an extensive workout. So how can you exercise without feeling like you have to exercise? Here are 3 easy ways to exercise without even realizing it!

#1: Hiking

If you are a big nature freak like me, hiking is a great way to move your muscles. This activity allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of life’s demands and emerge into the world of Mother Nature. When it is cold outside, bring a refreshing coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up. Hiking in the winter is great, because you get to admire the snowy landscape and you don’t have to worry about sweating in heat! Salem State offers a beautiful nature walk on South Campus (where the Harrington building and the Bates apartments are located) called Forest River Conservation Area. If you are off campus in a different town, I’m sure there are other nature trails around. Just remember to always travel in groups!

Forest River Conservation Area

#2: Walking

Walking is another simple method of exercise. And guess what? During the school week, you do A LOT of walking. Whether it is walking from your dorm room on central campus to classes on north campus or traveling from Peabody or Bowditch Hall to Marsh Dining on the weekends, this campus definitely has you up and moving. If you want to take walking a step further, you can use the stairs once you’re in the dorm rooms and/or academic buildings. For those of you who have classes on the fourth or fifth floor in Meier Hall, your exercise routine is already cut out for you. Walking and taking the stairs is a simple action that you can do every day that helps keep you healthy!


#3: Other Activities

There are other fun ways to exercise, such as dancing or playing sports. Whether it is on an actual team or just for fun in your free time, these activities allow you to hangout with friends, but also stay active! Salem State also offers several fun programs for zumba, yoga, boxing and much more.


There are many fun and simple ways to exercise without having to commit to a tight schedule or going to the gym, so find the one that fits for you!



Creative Self-Expression: Positive Outlets to Express Yourself

Image result for pictures of writing, art, music

Life is a combination of all types of experiences: happy, sad, stressful, etc.  Despite what life throws at you, it is important to remember that there are so many positive ways in which to express your emotions. Art, writing and music are a few methods in which you can express yourself and decompress from life’s battles.


When I say, “express yourself with art,” people probably imagine these elaborate paintings and think, “I couldn’t possibly do that”. However, the great thing about self-expression is that you do not have to be the next Picasso in order to use it as an outlet! I am not good at art by any means. I am not smooth with a paintbrush and I typically label my drawings for fear of people not knowing what it is. Regardless of your level of talent, drawing, painting, and sketching are great ways to distress. If it’s a nice day outside, you can try to draw a certain tree, house, or landscape. If you need a break from homework, you can fill a page of your notebook with doodles. You can even to try to tell a story with funny pictures or draw your friends! Using whichever type of art you prefer, art can be a great way to relax and have fun.


Writing is a fantastic way of expressing your thoughts and feelings. If you are upset about something and like using the style of poetry, you can express your emotions in metaphors and imagery. If you just want to be creative, you can write stories. If you are trying to figure out how to talk to someone about an important matter, writing your thoughts down can help you organize what you want to say. I think this outlet is effective, because it allows you to release the emotions that may be held inside by putting them into words and onto paper.


Listening to music is a common way for people to distress from a long day or feel better if they were recently feeling down. Creating music also helps you express yourself. As noted before, you do not have to sound like Beyoncé or play an instrument professionally in order to use music as an outlet. Singing a song that you relate to allows you to express what you are feeling. Playing an instrument can help you get your mind off of current struggles and actually benefits your brain in several ways. Anita Collins explains these benefits in her video, “How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain”. Whether it is listening to music, singing, or playing an instrument, music is a great form a self-expression.

There are a variety of self-expression methods that can serve as positive outlets in times of stress and hard times. Whether it’s art, writing and music as listed above, or theater performances and sports, everyone can find a way in which to express themselves.

Image result for pictures of the arts

Step Afrika!: Dance Performance


Step Afrika! is the first professional company worldwide dedicated to the African-American dance of stepping. Stepping is a form of percussive dance that involves the dancer’s entire body being used as an instrument (clapping, stomping, etc.) to produce complex rhythms and sounds. This dance was derived from African foot dances, such as Gumboot, which was used by miners in South Africa because authorities banned drums. Step Afrika! uses its performances to promote the art of stepping and its ways of being an educational, fun, and healthy tool for people. Step dancing is a great way to learn teamwork, discipline and commitment. Over the past twenty-one years, Step Afrika! has become one of the top 10 African-American Dance Companies in America and has become the largest African-American arts organization in Washington D.C.

If this dance company interests you and you would love to see one of their shows, you are in luck! Salem State University is fortunate enough to be able to host one of their performances.

On Monday, November 14 from 8:00 PM-10:00 PM, Step Afrika! will be performing some of its step dance pieces.

The performance will take place in the Ellison Campus Center on North Campus in Veterans Hall.

Come enjoy a wonderful dance performance that pays homage to African-American heritage!




How to Receive Canvas Notifications on Your Phone or E-mail

Do you ever wish you could get canvas notifications on your phone or your e-mail rather than having to log onto canvas? Well guess what? You can! Here are the steps to set up notifications on canvas so that you can get them on your phone or on your e-mail:
1.) Log onto Canvas
2.) Click on “Account” on the top left of the screen and click on ‘Notifications’ that is listed in blue
3.) This brings you to the Notification Preferences page. If you have an e-mail or phone number already set up to receive notifications, this page shows you what type of notifications that device receives, such as announcements or due dates. You can also choose how often you want a notification, such as “notify me right away” or “send daily summary”, by clicking the different icons on the right side.
4.) If you want to add a device to receive notifications, click settings, which is listed on the left side.
5.) Once you’re on that page, on the right side, you can add your e-mail address or other contact methods for notifications.