A To-Do List for the Summer

Hey First-Years! Believe it or not, you are almost no longer first-years! You are just about to wrap up your very first year of college!! And for our transfer students, your first year at Salem State! Congratulations!!!! Summer is rapidly approaching and before you know it, you'll be back for the Fall Semester. So here... Continue Reading →


Summer Classes 2017

The sky is blue and the heat has returned to the Salem State campus. People are wearing shorts and pulling out their shades. Students are wrapping up their semester and getting ready for finals, because after that, what time is it?! Summer time! Many students will travel or work, but some may choose to enroll... Continue Reading →

Enough is Enough Week

Hi, first-years! The last week in March was dedicated to several activities and events relating to mental health. Hopefully you were able to get involved and learn different ways to take care of your mental health! There will be another week coming up in April full of activities and events, but this week's themes are consent education, healthy relationships... Continue Reading →

Career Services: An On-Campus Resource

What is it? Career Services is an on-campus resource that helps you with career exploration and skills needed for a career. Where is it? Career Services is located in room 105 in the Ellison Campus Center on North Campus. It's near the Commuter Lounge and Counseling and Health Services. How can Career Services help me?... Continue Reading →

Salem State’s Got Talent!

Academics can be an intimidating task and sometimes you may feel like you are not good at anything. You cannot write your notes faster than the professor is talking, you have no idea how your math professor started incorporating the alphabet into equations and there is no way you can read a book in two weeks.... Continue Reading →

Step Afrika!: Dance Performance

Step Afrika! is the first professional company worldwide dedicated to the African-American dance of stepping. Stepping is a form of percussive dance that involves the dancer's entire body being used as an instrument (clapping, stomping, etc.) to produce complex rhythms and sounds. This dance was derived from African foot dances, such as Gumboot, which was used by miners in... Continue Reading →

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