May the 4th Be with You

Hi First Years, The semester is coming to a close very quickly. I just wanted to remind you of Reading Day that is coming up and a few things that you can do during that time. First off, let me define what Reading Day is. This day is specifically dedicated for prepping for final exams,... Continue Reading →


Utilizing the Long Weekend

Hello First Years! I hope that this blog finds you all well! Warmer weather is upon us and the end of the semester is quickly approaching! With the upcoming long weekend ahead, I am here to give you some tips on how to make the best use of your time.   Make sure that you... Continue Reading →

Career Fair 2017

Hi Vikings! Are you interested in exploring possible careers, internships or just curious to see what is happening in the market of today? Well I suggest you go check out the 2017 Annual Career Fair! At this event you can browse a diverse amount of industries and begin to network with businesses and maybe even... Continue Reading →

Salem State Events App

Hello First Years! I hope that your semester is going well! Have you ever wanted to get involved in more events on campus but aren’t sure when they’re occurring? WELL, now there’s an app for that!! Salem State now has an app that is available for smart phones! This app is where clubs and organizations... Continue Reading →

Staying on top of the Updates

Hello Vikings! I hope that classes are going well and that you are getting back into the academic routine! Things are starting to pick up such as course loads, homework, work schedules, club events and everything in between. I just wanted to give you all some tips on how you can keep track of your... Continue Reading →

Crafty Pinterest Party!

Hello First Years! Isn’t it insane that it is already the first week of December and we only have a couple of weeks left and then the fall semester is finished! I bet you are running around attempting to get things done such as final projects, presentations, final papers and studying for those exams because... Continue Reading →

Being Yourself!

College is place where you encounter a plethora of experiences. There are going to be some of the most amazing times that are memorable and even hardships that will stick with you. You will encounter a diverse set of people in your college career. Each person that you meet will be different from the next.... Continue Reading →

Tips for Writing Papers

You’ve made it through more than half the fall semester and only have five weeks left! Remember to stay on top of your work and finish out the semester strong. I bet that you have papers to write, so I am going to give you some tips on how to successfully write a paper. First,... Continue Reading →

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