Why YOU Should Take the Mapworks Survey

Hello Vikings! I hope your semesters are going well! You may have gotten the emails, seen the posts, and received a flier: the Mapworks Spring 2018 Transition Survey is out! Mapworks is an office that is built to give you the resources you need to do well. They give you tips to succeed and have... Continue Reading →


Fraternity and Sorority Life Recruitment

Hello Vikings! Welcome back to Salem State, and for those who are new here, hello and welcome! With the semester starting up, many people may be wondering what groups or organizations to join this semester. Getting involved is a great way to meet people on campus and make your college experience so much more fulfilling!... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Finals

Hello Vikings! With finals just around the corner, it can be easy to skip a meal or to have an all-nighter. But keeping healthy physically and mentally can help you stay alert, be happy, and do your best academically. Here are five tips to staying healthy during finals! Limit your sugary items and caffeinated beverages:... Continue Reading →

5 Places to Study for Finals

Hello Vikings! Thanksgiving Break will be over before you know it, and that means we're in the final stretch! Finding places to study for your finals and to do those final projects is key in order to succeed, so here are 5 places to study. Library This is the most obvious choice, but the library... Continue Reading →

A Thank-You Letter to My Sorority

Hello Vikings! As my senior year is flying by, I am always taking time to reflect on my years here at Salem State University. From the First Year Experience office, to the professors I have come to work with, I remember the people and the organizations that have impacted me most. One of those is... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Prepare for Finals

Hello Vikings! Finals are coming up, and you may feel a mix of anxiety about it, but a bit of excitement for the summer. Finals are stressful, and keeping track of all your deadlines can be overwhelming and daunting. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track! 1. Create a to-do list This... Continue Reading →

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