5 Tips to Prepare for Finals

Hello Vikings!

Finals are coming up, and you may feel a mix of anxiety about it, but a bit of excitement for the summer. Finals are stressful, and keeping track of all your deadlines can be overwhelming and daunting. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track!

1. Create a to-do list


This one may seem obvious, but create a list of all the final assignments that need to be done from now until the end of the semester. This should include papers, exams, group projects, and even quizzes and homework assignments. Your list can be really long, or really short, but at the end of the year (once you’ve checked everything off), it’s so relieving to look back and see all that you have accomplished in the last few weeks!

2. Get all your notes and handouts together

giphy (1).gif

When it comes to cumulative finals, you may feel overwhelmed of all the material you have learned. Look around your room for handouts and notes you’ve written throughout the semester. It’s easy to lose papers and notes, so find those items now, so you aren’t scrambling the night before the final.

3. Get started on those final papers nowgiphy (2).gif

You can get started on those papers early! Write some notes down, create an outline, do anything to help you get thinking about the paper. This will help you when you actually sit down to write the paper: you’d be surprised about how much you’ve already planned for.

4. Set up meetings with your professors now if you have questionsgiphy (3).gif

It can get difficult to set up meetings with your professors during finals. So set up those meetings now before the end of classes, so you can ask those clarifying questions about assignments or grades.

5. Take advantage of the library’s updated hours

giphy (4).gif

During finals, the library will be open 24 hours. While you should get plenty of sleep, take advantage of these hours by going to the library and getting all your work done. The library is the perfect environment for group projects, online assignments, and doing research!


Good luck on finals everyone! If you have any more questions about study or organization tips, visit us in the First Year Experience office in Meier Hall 100A, or call us at 978.542.2618.


Greekstock: Greek Week 2017

Hello Vikings!

This week was Greek Week at Salem State University, where Fraternity and Sorority Life came together for a week of fun activities!

“But Shelbie, what is ‘Greek Week’?”

I am so glad you asked! Greek Week is a week where the fraternities and sororities compete in a week of activities. Each night is worth a certain amount of points, and the one with the most points wins the Greek Week trophy!

“So Greekstock?”

Greekstock is a play on “Woodstock”, the famous music festival of 1969. This music festival was one about peace and celebration, and that’s what it felt like this week at Greekstock!

Kendra Franco, Greek Council Programming chair, chose the theme, saying “Woodstock brought together all different kinds of people from all over the country for “3 days of peace and music” which is similar to Greek Week. We all come together for a week and participate in events to remind us that we’re all part of one big community here on campus.”

“So what were the activities this week?”

Monday night was Penny Wars! For two weeks, each organization collected coins, and the ones with the most coins wins. Phi Sigma Sigma won Penny Wars, and all $700 went to Girls Inc., the philanthropy of their choice.

Tuesday night, each organization made banners that had to do with the theme! Then, we all went to Twitter and Facebook, where a poll was made to vote for your favorite banner! The poll was open two days, and Theta Phi Alpha won with 2,414 votes on Facebook and 48% of the votes on Twitter!


Theta Phi Alpha


Phi Sigma Sigma


Alpha Sigma Phi


Sigma Alpha Epsilon

On Wednesday night, the organizations went to O’Keefe to play some games! First, we played “Musical Shoes” (which is like Musical Chairs, but we used shoes as placeholders instead). Theta Phi Alpha won. Then, we all played dodgeball and Alpha Sigma Phi stole the show!

Lastly, Thursday night was Skit Night! While Alpha Sig’s Mike Donovan played an awesome rendition of the National Anthem, just like Jimi Hendrix did at Woodstock, and Theta Phi Alpha performed a dance with music from Woodstock, Phi Sigma Sigma won the night with their dance through the decades where it ended at Woodstock!

“So who won Greek Week?”

The winners of Greek Week were Phi Sigma Sigma, and they definitely deserved it!


Phi Sigma Sigma with the Greek Week trophy

All of the organizations had so much fun this week, from hanging out with the other organizations and dancing our hearts out, to raising hundreds of dollars for a good cause. Hope you’ll join us next year!

What’s Next for Housing?

Hello Vikings!

As registration is upon us, don’t forget about housing! If you are planning to live on campus next year, there are a few things you need to do before the end of the semester!

March 1 : Housing Deposit Due

Though the deadline has passed, you MUST pay your $300 housing deposit before moving forward with choosing roommates and a room!

April 1 : Housing Application Due

Once you pay your housing deposit, the application becomes available! There are four different types of applications!

  • FULL APARTMENT (Senior-Junior – ATL BATES) Application (Fall 2017)
    • This application is for upcoming juniors and seniors who have enough suitemates to fill an apartment in either Atlantic Hall or Bates Complex. You need 6 suitemates altogether for a full apartment.
  • FULL SUITE (Soph – Viking) Application (Fall 2017)
    • This application is for upcoming sophomores who have enough to fill a full suite in Viking Hall. You need 4 suitemates, or 5 if you are living with an RA, for a full suite.
  • Rising Sophomore Student Housing Application (Fall 2017)
    • This application is for upcoming sophomores who are interested in living in Marsh Hall or Viking Hall. This application is for those who do not have a full suite in Viking, or who are planning to live in Marsh Hall.
  • Senior-Junior Student Housing Application (Fall 2017)
    • This application is for upcoming juniors and seniors who are interested in living in Atlantic Hall or Bates Complex, but do not have enough suitemates to fill an apartment.

April 3 – Lottery Numbers Released

The lower lottery number one has, the early you sign up for your housing! You will be getting the date and the time in which you can choose your room. One lottery number works per student, so the suitemate who has the lowest lottery number will be picking for your group!

April 5 – Registration

Make sure that by this date, you are registered for your classes for Fall 2017. Remember — you must be signed up for 12 credits to be considered a full-time student and to be considered a resident student.

Lottery Starts

The person who has the lowest lottery number is considered your “Captain” and will be choosing the room for you! Not only that, if you are living in a suite or an apartment, they will be choosing which rooms each roommate will be living in. The dates are chosen already, but your times will be sent to you April 3.

April 11

  • Full Apartment Lottery for Seniors/Juniors (Atlantic and Bates)
  • Full Suite Lottery for Sophomores (Viking)

April 12 – Senior/Junior Student Lottery (ATL/Bates)

  • For students who cannot fill a full apartment of 6.

April 13 – Rising Sophomore Lottery

  • For students who cannot fill a suite or students that want to live in Marsh Hall.

Good luck with the lottery everyone!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Residence Life – 978.542.6416, or housing@salemstate.edu.


Art + Design Student Awards Exhibition

Hello Vikings!

Winfisky Gallery, in Ellison Campus Center, has a new exhibit “that highlights the exceptional talent and work of our students”! From painting and photography, to multimedia and graphic design, the students in the Art + Design department are extremely talented, thoughtful, and creative. These pieces of art are made to be appreciated in person, but here’s a sneak peak at two of the pieces!


Brandon Mahoney, NH, Print


Kaity Martin, 2016: A Zoobie Space Odyssey, Print

(Featured Image: Irina Boulanova, Strawberry, 2016)

From now until March 29, 2017, the exhibition will be open weekdays from 10am-4pm! Support the arts and your fellow Vikings by seeing all the beautiful art! There will also be a reception on Wednesday, March 8th from 6pm-8pm where you can meet some of the artists and experience the art with others!

For more information, you can call 978-542-7890 or visit salemstate.edu/arts!

What is Alpha Lambda Delta?

Hello Vikings! This Friday, February 24th, first years will be inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society! It seems like just yesterday I was inducted into the society, and there are so many opportunities that await you!

Becoming a member of Alpha Lambda Delta means you become a part of a national society of students who have achieved academic success their freshman year of college! Alpha Lambda Delta began as a women’s society in 1924, and was made coeducational in 1976.


The charter of the first Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at the University of Illinois, 1924

Alpha Lambda Delta has since initiated over one million students and have awarded members with millions of dollars worth of scholarships.

“The mission of Alpha Lambda Delta is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.” (www.nationalald.org)

Once initiated, being a part of an honor society is a great resume-builder for graduate schools as well as future employers! Being in ALD gives you an opportunity to be a part of the community, and help others through community service.

ALD gives out more than $207,000 worth of scholarships every year, and many students have the opportunity to study abroad through these fellowships! Through Alpha Lambda Delta, you can develop leadership skills, increase your academic success, and find common ground with the rest of your “ALD family”!

We cannot wait to welcome you to our ALD family Friday night! This is just the beginning of what’s sure to be lifelong academic success!

For more information about Alpha Lambda Delta and its scholarships, visit www.nationalald.org!

5 Tips for the Career Fair

Career Services is hosting their annual Career Fair on March 2nd, 2017 from 4:00pm-7:00pm! The event will take place in the Gassett Fitness Center Gym, and tons of organizations will be there looking for interns and workers! Here are some tips to make it a successful Career Fair!

1. Bring an updated resume!

Bringing a resume to the Career Fair will show preparedness and have the different representatives at the fair remember you. Need help updating or even creating a resume? Schedule an appointment with Career Services, located in Ellison Campus Center, room 105!

2. Dress professionally!

Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed when you meet your possible future employers! These representatives took time out of their day to come to you for an opportunity, put some time in and dress to impress!

3. Download the “Salem State Career Fair Plus” app through the App Store and Google Play!

This app will give you a complete list of employers, will give you a fair map where all the employers are located, and more tips on how to prepare for this event!

4. Take a picture at the LinkedIn Photo Booth!

LinkedIn is basically Facebook for professionals! It’s a way to find jobs and different career opportunities! A photo booth will be there to take a professional head shot for your profile, so you can stop using that selfie!

5. Show enthusiasm!

Be ready to impress! Employers want to see you engaged and utilizing your network skills when attend the fair. Be confident, take notes, and always follow up with potential employers!

If you need any more tips, visit the Career Services office in Ellison Campus Center, room 105. Or you can call them at 978-542-6406!

Good luck!

-FYM Shelbie

5 Tips to Stay Organized for Second Semester

Welcome back to campus Vikings!

When tackling second semester, some may feel discouraged or burnt out from the previous semester. But don’t worry! Here are some tips to get you started and organized for the spring!

  1. Map out all your assignments!

    After you get all of your syllabi, map out on a calendar when assignments are due! Since we’re in January, write down all the assignments that are due for the rest of the month. This may seem daunting, but it’s really helpful and gives you an idea of what the next few weeks will look like! Keep up this routine and do this for the rest of the semester!

  2. Make note of all of your professors’ contact information! 

    Whether it’s a quick homework question, or rescheduling an exam, find out the best method to contact your professors. Some use their email and others use Canvas, so be sure to ask!

  3. Move your files from last semester! 

    Many of us tend to hoard our old papers and assignments on our laptops, taking up so much space. Get a flash drive or external hard drive, and move those files off your desktop! You may not need them, and you could even delete some old pdfs past professors have sent you in the past. Deleting these files will make your computer run more efficiently.

  4. Make to-do lists! 

    Some students live by bullet journaling, others like a simple post-it. Whatever works for you, make a to-do list of your day, so you know exactly what needs to be done! (Making a blog post like this is actually on my to-do list for the day! Inception.)

  5. Establish a routine!

    If you have a set class and work schedule, create a routine for yourself! Know when you can go to the library, and when you can eat lunch. If you stick with a consistent and productive routine, doing your work and being on time will become second nature to you!

Have an amazing semester Vikings! If you want more tips on how to set up a planner, how to contact professors, or even to stop by and say “hi!,” find us in Meier Hall room 100A! We’ll be here!


10 Self-Care Tips for Finals

Hello Vikings!

It’s that time of the year: finals. Finals is one of the most stressful times of the year. Everyone is on edge, physical and mental health seem to be the last of everyone’s worries, and everyone is anxious to get home! To help deal with the stress of finals, here are 10 things you can do to destress and promote self-care!

1. Color or paint!


Coloring and painting can help you focus, take a break from the textbooks, and help you be creative!

2. Meditate!


Meditating helps you breathe, clear your mind, and gives you a break from the stress of life!

3. Watch Netflix!


Though you don’t want to watch for too long, treat yourself to watching an episode of a show or a movie on Netflix after hours of studying!

4. Read a book!


Finals requires a lot of reading, whether it’s studying for an exam or doing research for a paper. Read a book that isn’t for academics! You can reread your favorite book, pick up one you’ve always wanted to read, or you can even read a children’s book if you like!

5. Go for a walk!


Walking helps you clear your mind, take in the environment around you, and can lead you to discover parts of Salem that you’ve never ventured to before!

6. Exercise!


I am not one to go to the gym, but any form of exercise can help you be attentive, stay healthy, and give you time for yourself!

7. Spend time with friends!


Go to dinner, see a movie, or take a walk downtown! You and your friends can get away from campus for a bit and take a break!

8. Write!


Write about how you’re feeling, write a story, or write about the world around you! Writing can help you be creative and help inspire you for classes, without constantly working on classwork.

9. Get plenty of sleep!


Sleeping well helps you stay alert and will prepare you for the day ahead. Make sure to keep a steady sleep schedule and take power naps if you need to!



Remember to breathe! Finals are stressful, but it’s only a short amount of time for a big payoff. So breathe, do your work, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

5 Tips for Writing Your Final Papers

Finals are quickly approaching, and that means tests, papers, and projects. If you’re someone like me, then tests are something you do not have to worry about as much. Papers are beginning to take up all my finals, and they can be both a blessing and a curse. Overwhelmed with all the papers you have to write? Here are 5 tips on how to get the grade you want!

1. Start early!


This may seem pretty obvious, but starting your papers early have many benefits. One is that you’re able to proofread earlier, allowing edits to be done by yourself, a friend, or a tutor in the Writing Center (located in the Berry Library, room 113). Starting early also allows you to work on your other papers in a more timely manner, so you aren’t working on 4 papers at a time. Lastly, starting early gives you the opportunity to be with the material a longer amount of time, giving you a stronger paper.

2. Create an outline!


This is another thing that may seem totally obvious, but creating an outline helps you plan, organize, and write your paper. With the outline, the majority of your paper is written and it helps you stay on track! Sometimes papers seem to be your thoughts just thrown onto a Word document, but with an outline you stay consistent, editing is easier, and citing sources is done in a pinch!

3. Know what the prompt is asking!


Sometimes the prompt for a research paper or thesis is confusing, so make sure you know exactly what the question is! This is another reason why you should start your papers early! You can message your professor or stop by their office hours so they can help you with understanding the prompt! Definitely don’t wait until the night the paper’s due to talk to your professor: start early!

4. Have someone proofread your paper!


Whether it’s a classmate, friend, or a tutor in the Writing Center, having a second opinion always helps! These people can help you find mistakes you didn’t catch the first time, or rework your paper to organize it in a way that it can flow.

5. Don’t do the paper all in one night!



Doing the outline, finding the sources, and writing the whole paper can be overwhelming. It is even more overwhelming if you work on it all in one night, especially the night before. Break your paper up into smaller chunks! Find the sources one night, make the outline the next night, and you can write a few pages at a time per night! Leave a night aside for someone to edit and review your paper so you can edit it! Overall, this will take you the same amount of time as if you were writing it all in one night. But this way, your paper is stronger!

Good luck on finals! If you need any help with these steps, feel free to reach out to the First Year Experience Office in Meier Hall 100A!


7 Ways to Destress After Midterms

Now that midterms are over, a lot of us are experiencing a big sigh of relief that that is over. As final projects and exams are beginning to be talked about by professors, it can feel like the stress doesn’t end. Here are 10 ways to destress!

1. Take a walk!


Taking a walking can help clear your mind, get fresh air, and a chance to get some exercise! The Bike Path that runs through campus is a great opportunity to take a walk and bring a friend with you!

2. Go to the Spiritual Life office!

Have you met our Campus Chaplin Laura Biddle? She’s a great resource for help with destressing! Her office is located in the Ellison Campus Center, room 219. She can help you meditate and talk through concerns in a judgement-free zone!

3. Pick up a book to read!


College can tend to make us not want to do more reading than we have to. But picking up a book to read for fun, even if it’s rereading Harry Potter, this can help you learn to love reading again and also give us time to ourselves.

4. Visit Counseling and Health Services!

Setting up an appointment with a counselor can help you talk about your stressed with an unbiased person. Counseling is a great way to lighten the load of your stress and to learn valuable skills to deal with it!

5. Go on a coffee date with friends!


Being a college student can mean a very busy life for us. Make time to grab coffee with friends! This socialization can reduce your stress levels and give you an opportunity to reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with.

6. Plan out your month ahead of time!

Many times, assignments can feel like they sneak up on you! Many professors have their whole semester planned out, so at the beginning of every week, write down when assignments are due! This may seem tedious, but if you have a ten page paper due at the end of the month, you’ll feel less stressed knowing about it at the beginning of the month versus starting it the night before!

7. Visit the First Year Experience Office!


Yes it is. But it’s still valid. FYE is an extremely helpful resource. With Student Success Coaches and Mentors, we have a team of people who are here to help you! We can give you tips and steer you in the direction you need. We can recommend you different offices you need to talk to, study and organizational tips, as well as someone just to talk to! We are located in Meier Hall 100A by Dunkin’ Donuts!