13 Resources After Watching 13 Reasons Why

Hey Vikings!

If you’re anything like me, Netflix has been a blessing in your life! I’ve been able to watch shows from my childhood, gain knowledge through amazing Documentaries, and laugh hysterically from the selection of shows. Netflix itself has a sensational array of original shows that they produce themselves, the most recently being “13 Reasons Why” This Netflix original is based off of the very popular novel by Jay Asher that tells the story of high school girl named Hannah who dies by suicide. The story goes through her life and the multiple reasons that lead to her death and those who impacted her along the way.


Lately, I haven’t been able to log onto any social media without seeing a reference to the show, so I decided to join society and watch it. While I did enjoy the series and thought that it touched upon several important issues that happen far too often in our society, I do want to be clear that is has very mature content and can be triggering to some folks. After watching it I had a lot of unresolved feelings that I felt needed to be talked through. This was a similar topic with some of my other friends who attend Salem State who said that the show left them feeling a little mentally disheveled. Thankfully, our campus has some amazing resources that are at the fingertips of students after they watch this show, or just in general to talk about issues that they are dealing with. Check out these 13 resources after you watch 13 Reasons Why!

  1. Counseling and Health Services

Counseling and health services is staffed by nurse practitioners, a part-time doctor, psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, post-doctoral fellows and advance graduate interns. Health services offers medical care, consultation on health-related issues, health promotion programs, and referrals and collaborations with area providers and primary care physicians.

Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, suite 107, North Campus Phone: 978.542.6413 or 978.542.6410 Hours: Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM

  1. PEAR

The Prevention, Education, Advocacy, and Response Program. In order to reduce sexual and relationship violence, we have to talk about it as an educational community. They provide programs, training’s and discussions on the topics of consent, healthy relationships, gender and sexuality, masculinity, sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, stalking and others. They also provide 24-hour access to PEAR advocate who can support survivors, provide information and connect students to resources. This is a free and confidential resource for students. The free and confidential phone number is 978.594.7089. Feel free to talk or text.

Contact Information: Colleen Armstrong, Room 112, Ellison Campus Center Phone: 978.542.2987

  1. The First Year Experience Office

We are always a resource for our students on campus. Our office serves as a brave space for students to come in and be directed to the proper resources for however they are feeling. We can assure that you will have a safe space and a person to talk to within minutes of your visit.


Contact Information: 100A Meier Hall, call us at 978.542.2618, Hours: Monday- Friday, 9AM-5PM.

  1. Resident Life Staff

If you are a resident student you can always speak with your RA’s, RD’s, and DR’s. There is always somebody on call at any point during the day in the building or on the campus who will be able to talk with you through how you are feeling. They are there for you, so don’t forget to use them! If your RA is not there during a time of crisis, go tot he desk and have them call the on-duty RA to come speak with you.


  1. Student Advocacy

Student advocacy is available to listen to student concerns, provide information, possible next steps and guidance. They provide services that: support students in resolving issues which may act as a barrier to success, refer students to appropriate resources on and off campus, and collaborate with, and when necessary, advocate on behalf of a student with faculty, staff and university departments.

Contact Information: Chris Sullivan, 245 Meier Hall, Student Life Suite, Phone: 978.542.7207, Hours: 8 am-4:30 pm

  1. Disability Services

Disability Services promotes an accessible educational and campus-wide experience by coordinating services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Salem State is committed to providing appropriate services and accommodations that allow self-identified students with disabilities to access all resources, programs and activities at the university.

Contact Information: Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons, room 20, Hours: Monday -Friday, 8:30AM-5PM, Phone: 978.542.6217

  1. Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

The diversity and multicultural affairs office strives to lead Salem State University in sustaining an active campus community that embraces difference, and values the significant contributions of all its members. Through examining the intersections of identity, our community is challenged to think critically about issues relevant to diversity and social justice.


Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, room 202, Hours: 9AM-5PM, Phone: 978.542.2681

  1. The Women’s Center

Serves as a community network for women; providing support, encouragement, teaching, and resources. They hold office hours where they are able to provide a brave space for any student (not just female identified students) who would like to discuss issues that are affecting them.


Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, room 211

  1. The Alliance

The Alliance is a student group that offers opportunities to meet socially, plan events, lobby politically and/or find support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and their straight allies.


Contact Information: Room 206 of the Ellison Campus Center, Phone: 978.542.7541.

  1. CESA Peer Educators

Campus Educators on Sexual Assault (CESA) is a Salem State University recognized club. Their goal is to create awareness and educate others about sexual assault. Their main goal is to prevent sexual assault from happening. They do this by educating others and providing a 5 week training course that is 15 hours long, certifying you as a peer educator in the end.

Contact Information: e-mail is ssu.cesa@gmail.com or “Salem State University CESA” on Facebook

  1. Spiritual Life

Spiritual life represents a collaboration of departments and student groups that engage the community in multi-faith and spiritual encounters. Programs encourage personal reflection, spiritual practice, and interfaith dialogue. They recognize the importance of offering safe and peaceful spaces for conversations about love, loss, religious differences, sexual assault, compassion, and vulnerability. They provide a quiet refuge for reflection and silence, and a haven for the campus community to discover the power of the human spirit.

Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, room 219, Laura Biddle

  1. Veterans’ Affairs

Veterans’ affairs at Salem State is here to assist current and former service members of the armed forces as well as survivors and dependents with both state and federal educational benefit programs.

Contact Information: Ellison Campus Center, 2nd Floor

  1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255) (Press # 1 if you are a Veteran) This is a 24 hour hotline for folks to call if they are overwhelmed and need someone to talk to.



**These are just some of the amazing resources our campus has to offer! If you are interested in more or would like to talk about how this blog made you feel, please feel free to reach out, we are here for you!

The 16th Annual Raspberry Swirl

Hey Vikings!

We hope you’ve cleared your schedule for this Friday because at 6PM there’s an event you DO NOT want to miss. This year is the 16th Annual Raspberry Swirl, brought to you by The Alliance in partnership with Program Council. This year will be the biggest and baddest Raspberry Swirl yet with not one, but TWO Drag Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, SIX outside Drag Queens from the local area, and FOUR Salem State student performers!

This year is different from years past due to amount of talent we are bringing. Two Queens who have been on RuPaul’s Drag Race is a huge deal! Performances will be by:


Alyssa Edwards from Season 5 & All Stars Season 2


Shangela from Season 2 & 3


Doors for the show open at 5:30PM on Friday, and the show will begin at 6PM. Throughout the show there will be interactive audience games were folks will be able to show us their fiercest walk, complete a look in less than  10 minutes, and lip sync for their life! Immediately following the show there will be a meet and greet with the RuPaul Queens for an additional $10. This will be an opportunity to meet them and also get a photo with them by a photographer. There will ALSO be 3 raffle baskets for audience members to buy tickets for during the show. 

You can purchase your tickets before the show in the Alliance office, located in Ellison 206, but tickets will also be sold at the door! Proceeds from Admissions will be donated to nAGLY which is local LGBTQ+ charity/organization in Salem. It is a place for youth ages 14 – 23 who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer to learn and “talk about what’s important to us – ourselves, our relationships, our families, “coming out” at school or work, combating homophobia, bullying, gay history & activism, community service and…PRIDE.” To learn more about nAGLY, please visit their website: https://www.nagly.org/

Ticket Prices are as followed:

SSU Students: $10 (increase to $12 at the door)

NON SSU: $12 (increase to $15 at the door)

Meet and Greet: $10 (stays the same at the door)

If you have any questions about Raspberry Swirl, feel free to stop by the Alliance office or email ssualliance@gmail.com.



Join our team! Mentor applications are out!

Hey Vikings!

Do you like encouraging others to be the best person they can be? Do you like making connections on campus with other students, offices, and administration? Does the thought of being a part of a team get you excited? If any of these statements are a “YES!”, then being a mentor in the First Year Experience Office might be the job for you! The link to the job application is out there, but first, check out an in-depth description of the role of a mentor!

What is a mentor?

First Year Mentors are undergraduate student leaders who serve as a resource for first year students in the First Year Experience Office, supporting students’ transition to and through the first year of college.


What do you do?

We do a BILLION different tasks in the office, ranging from the academic realm to student involvement, to resident life, and everything in between! Some of our most common tasks are:

  • Meeting with First Year students one-on-one
  • Presenting in First Year Seminar classrooms on topics like: Time Management, How to use the Writing Center, Ways to get Involved, etc.  
  • Managing social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and more!
  • Conduct phone outreach each semester to first year students
  • Submit bi-weekly blog posts (LIKE THIS ONE!!) on academic and social aspects of Salem State!
  • Staff Student Success Stations (booths) throughout the course of the academic year, distributing materials and responding to questions.


Why be a mentor?

There is no better feeling than helping a person in an area they might need some guidance in. Being able to answer that one questions a student might have, or showing someone where the correct office is to fix a problem is absolutely rewarding! And, not only is this job rewarding, but it’s also a job, which means you’ll be making money! Mentors are able to work 5-10 hours in the office, depending on work study, availability, and funding through our office.


How do you apply?!

Fill out the following application and send it to: firstyear@salemstate.edu or drop it off at our office (Meier Hall, 100A) Applications are due Friday, April 7th!! 


You paid your housing deposit, so what’s next?

Hey friends! If you’re anything like me, seeing that $300 leave your account for the housing deposit was a little difficult, but well worth it! Living on campus is a privilege that awards you with so many great opportunities, including: a sense of community, independence, responsibility, and so much more! But, now that the housing deposit is paid, you’re probably wondering what happens next?! Below are some important dates to put in your FYE planner so that you’re prepared for the next few months!


MARCH 1 – Housing Portal will be open for Roommate Selection

In order to select roommates and be selected, students must have completed their housing application and must have paid their deposit. From the Housing Portal, you can match up with potential roommates, determine who has the highest lottery number (Lottery Numbers will be released later on) and select your space for Fall 2017. If, for some reason, you cannot find the person that you are searching for, please email housing@salemstate.edu for assistance.



MARCH 3 – Spring Break Application Due

If you are in need housing over Spring Break, the application is available online at: http://www.salemstate.edu/student_life/11125.php 

The spring break application is due by Friday March 3, 2017 by 5 p.m. to Residence Life or the ARD/AC of Bates Complex. By signing up and paying for this housing you will be able to stay on campus over Spring Break in the Bates Residence Complex. This will only include housing, no meals will be provided since the Dining Halls are closed during this time.


APRIL 11th, 12th, 13th – Housing Selection

During this time you will be able to officially pick where you and your roommate(s) want to live for the 2017/18 Academic year. Make sure that you select your roommates prior to these dates and that they select you in return. All roommate groups must be fully matched. 



Things to keep in mind:

  • All selection participants must be registered for at least 12 credits (Full-Time) by April 5th
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact housing@salemstate.edu or by calling the Residence Life Office at (978) 542-6416.
  • You can also come to the First Year Expereince office (Meier Hall 100A) and ask us any questions you may have about more minimal details! Most of our mentors have lived in the Residence Halls and can answer your questions and concerns! Good luck!



The Benefits of Completing your Mapworks Survey

It’s our favorite time of the year- Mapworks Survey time!! For those of you who don’t know, the Mapworks Survey is a tool the University uses to gain insight on students interest, areas of improvement for Salem State, and to direct students to helpful resources on campus. The Mapworks survey has so many great benefits after you take it, especially for First Year and Transfer students. Below are just some of the many advantages to participating in the survey.

  1. Prizes- DUH!

After completing your survey once, you are automatically entered into the 15 days of giveaways. The prizes range from $50 ClipperCash, Salem State Gear, a Fitbit Flex 2, a Coupon for Textbook, and so much more. Completing the survey also enters all students into a grand prize drawing, which includes: free meal plans, priority class registrations, housing deposit waivers, and free commuter parking passes. These prizes are outrageously awesome and will save you a lot of money in the future! During my sophomore year I won a free meal plan and it saved me thousands off my bill!


  1. Scholarships!

First-year, sophomores and new transfer students who complete both the fall and spring surveys will be eligible to apply for a Salem State University Mapworks Scholarship at the end of the academic year! This can be used to help you pay your school bill off, before it even comes out! For more information regarding this scholarship email mapworks@salemstate.edu


  1. A chance for your voice to be heard!

The Mapworks survey is a way for you to express your concerns and compliments regarding Salem State. There are different sections of the survey on varying topics, like Res Life, Student Involvement and Activities, Academics, Offices, Food Services, etc. You can write comments about your experience, and all of these comments will be addressed. Change won’t occur unless you speak up about the issues!


  1. Doing your survey will help you avoid phone calls (from us!) asking you why you didn’t complete it!

We are all about our students and their happiness at Salem State very much, so sometimes we call to check in! When you don’t do your Mapworks survey, we get concerned and like to reach out ourselves to see what’s happening, since we can see your concerns already! So, if you want avoid a call from FYM Stella, do your Mapworks survey!
If you can’t tell, the Mapworks survey is a pretty big deal around Salem State, and will bring nothing but positive outcomes to your experience here! So, don’t forget to complete your survey before February 11th so that your voice is heard! If you have anymore questions about the Mapworks survey or Mapworks in general, feel free to reach out to their office in Meier Hall, 245A or email them at mapworks@salemstate.edu


It’s Never Too Late To Make Some Money!

Hey Vikings!
I hope your Winter break was exactly what you need, filled with lots of relaxation and preparation! Now that we’re back though, it’s time to start buckling down with academics and other extra curricular activities. For some, that may be a campus group/club or even an activity in the Salem, but for others that could be a job on, or off campus! Many students think that you can only get a job beginning in the Fall semester, but that is very untrue! There are plenty of offices hiring on campus, and even more jobs in the Salem area! Don’t know where to start?! We’re here to help!

Option 1: Check the Salem State job directory for on campus jobs!  

Go onto the Salem State website and type in “jobs” in the search barjob-1


Once you click enter, click on the first option!


You’ll get to this page and you’ll need to fill in the information necessary! If you receive Work Study through your Financial Aid package, then click that option. If you do not, or are looking for an additional job to your Work Study job, then click on Institutional. If you’d like it to be with a certain department, then you can add this information as well. Finally, hit search!



A wide arrange of jobs will come up from your search, and now it’s on you to find the perfect fit! You can click on any job and read the description, requirements, and the way you should apply for it! Some jobs will have links to their applications, while others may have a name for you to contact! After all these steps have been completed, make sure to check your email for any contact from your possible future employer!


Option 2: Use online resources to find an off-campus job in the area!

There are several different websites available to search for jobs in the surrounding area! Some that I have used in the past are:





Indeed: “Indeed is the world’s #1 job site. More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else!” Just like the Salem State website, you would cater your search to what you are interested in and your qualifications you have!







Monster: “Whether you’re looking for a new job, seeking career advice or want a laugh, we’ve got you covered.”









LinkedIn: “Connecting the world’s professionals to help make them more productive and successful.” This option lets you submit you resume, cover letter, and personal photo, so that you can connect with professionals and job offers!




We wish you luck with your job search for the Spring semester and hope you find the perfect fit for you! If you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to contact our office, or even the Career Services office on campus! (Ellison Campus Center, Room 105
978.542.6406 career@salemstate.edu)

How To Navigate Your Reading Day

Hey first years! For those of you who don’t know tomorrow is Reading Day at SSU! Reading Day is an entire day that the university gives you between the end of the your classes and the beginning of your finals to be productive and prepare for your finals. There will be lots of events occurring on that day, many of which will help you destress. There will also be a lot of opportunities for you to catch up on some much needed studying and get the help you need! Here are some of the ways you can use your reading day to your full advantage!

  1. Get some brain food at the Midnight Breakfast!

The Student Involvement and Activities office will be hosting a midnight breakfast tonight (Tuesday, December 13th) at 10PM-12AM in Marsh Dining. There will be plenty of food, activities, and fun to make it a great start to your reading day.


  1. Puppy Day sponsored by Greek Council

Puppies will be coming to campus from the Northeast Animal Shelter from 11AM-1PM in Marsh Residence Hall ground floor lounge. Admission to this event will be a T-Shirt or a donation to the shelter! This is a great way to start your day with a destressing activity.  


  1. Long Night Against Procrastination

Got writer’s block? Need help with citations? Just want advice on an assignment? Head over to the Writing Center in the Library for help from 8PM-11PM! Food, Tutors, and Fun will be provided!

  1. Library overnights starting on December 18th!

The library will remain open for 24 hours starting on December 18th! This is a great place to get a lot of work done and have a quiet place to study for finals!



As always, the FYE office wishes you the best of luck on your finals! If you need anything from our office, please feel free to reach out! We will remain open during normal hours until the beginning of Winter break! Happy Holidays!

How To Get Through The Long Stretch

Hey first years! We hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving break and were able to relax a little bit before coming back to campus, but now that you’re back, it’s time to buckle down! The next few weeks are going to be filled with projects, exams, assignments, and odds and ends to get together before our Winter break! If you’re anything like me, this week has hit you hard with the reality of your responsibilities for the next few weeks, and you’re slightly freaking out! BUT, don’t worry FYE is here to provide some advice on how to stay positive and get things done so you can enjoy your Winter break!


Step 1: Map out your finals.

Go through your syllabi and find out when your finals are and also what kind of finals they will be (i.e- exam, paper, presentation, etc.) Different finals may take more time to complete or study for, so knowing what you need to get done will help you. Personally, I know that presentations take the least amount of time to complete and gather information for, while papers are a longer process!



Step 2: Figure out when you have “free time” in your daily schedule.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a bit of free time in our daily schedules, this could be while standing in line for coffee, walking to class, or even right before bed, those are the few minutes you could be using to study and prepare for your final exams. Making flashcards to look over or practicing one problem in those few minutes could help you get those extra points you need. If you have a larger chunk of free time, this could be spent doing a hefty load of studying or writing, if needed. For example, on Tuesdays, I have an hour break between work and a class, so during the next 3 weeks, I will spend that time making flashcards for an exam.



Step 3: Soothing your anxiety

Crunch time is a very stressful and chaotic time for a lot of us, which can cause some anxiety surrounding school. This is totally normal and you are not alone! While studying is important, so is self care! Make sure to take little break for yourself, so there’s a somewhat equal balance between academics and social! This can be taking a 10 minute break during a long studying session to watch a video, check snapchat, or take a walk to the vending machine for some Oreos, whatever will give you some time to breathe!



Step 4: Getting through the actual final week.

The time has come, all your studying, preparation, and stress is presented in this moment. What’s my advice? REST! There’s nothing worse then getting to a final and being exhausted and unfocused! All your time spent studying and preparing goes out the window when you’re sleep deprived, so make sure you are getting enough sleep the night before a final. Cramming the night before isn’t helpful! It’s better to get that full nights sleep, wake up early before your final and study a little bit in the morning, when you’re alert and ready!


Step 5: Tying up the loose ends of the semester!

When your finals are over, you might have a few more things left to do! If you’re a resident student, you’re going need to close up your room properly! This is something your RA will go over with you, but pretty much you need to make sure that everything is unplugged, the windows are shut, and that shades are pulled down to the length they request. Another thing you might want to do, resident or commuter is use up all of your dining dollars! At the end of every semester your dining dollars that are unused are wiped away from your account. If you want to get the most out of you meal plan, use those dining dollars at any chartwells location or store on campus! Finally, make sure to say goodbye to your favorite professors, staff, and friends before the long break. Ya know, a month is a long time to not see your favorite First Year Experience Mentors!!



All in all, we hope your final exam experience is a decent one, filled with lots of new information and coffee breaks! And as always, if you need anything, don’t forget to stop by our office in Meier Hall 100A! Happy Studying!

Transgender Awareness Month!

Hey friends! The month of November is great for many reasons, not only do we have a break for the hectic college life, get to eat some great food, and wear out our favorite fall jackets, but we also get to celebrate the Trans folks in our life and provide them with support and love!


The month of November is dedicated to folks who identify as Transgender and to ensure that we, as a community, are providing as much support and protection to those who need it. A post on Trans support blog put it perfectly, “Celebration is needed and necessary not only to educate people about our lives, but also to help drive the message that trans rights are international human rights.” (TransGriot)

The Trans community is a marginalized group who often see much hate, misunderstanding, and violence due to the lack of support or knowledge from others. Did you know that 72% of anti-LGBTQ homicide victims were transgender women? (report by the National Center for Transgender Equality and The Task Force) It’s these shocking and sad statistics that make it even more necessary to support this community, especially with the current events happening in the world today.

trans stats.png

We can do many things as Trans ally’s to support this community! Here are some helpful tips for creating a brave space for the Trans community:

  1. Learn more about the community- There are tons of resources out there for folks to learn more about the Trans community, or non-binary genders in general, you just have to look! A great resource is the GLAAD website. They have a FAQ page all about Trans individuals and also personal stories from those who identify as Trans!
  2. Ask someone’s pronouns- We want to make sure that we’re never assuming someone’s identity, but asking what they identify as is a good way to get to know them better! Introducing yourself with your pronouns and asking for someone else’s can open up a whole new world of conversation!
  3. Attend events that will help you become a better ally- Salem State always has tons of great events being hosted to create a more inclusive community. The Diversity and Multicultural affairs office hosts Safe Zone training’s every semester and they have a trans specific one where you can really learn a lot! There’s also many events this month at SSU and in the local Salem community for people to attend to support their Trans friends!


Following through with a few of these tips can create a more inclusive and safe space for all! Here at FYE we encourage you to spread kindness and support to not only the Trans community, but to everyone in the following months! If you have any more questions about the Trans or Queer community, please feel free to reach out to the following resources on campus:


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance- Ellison Campus Center, room 206

Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Office- Ellison Campus Center, room 202

First Year Experience Office, Meier Hall, room 100A

Registration Time is Near!!

Registration is upon us! For a lot of First Years this is their first time registering without someone sitting with them along the way. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! The First Year experience office is here to help you and give you some helpful hints for class registration.



Tip #1: Make sure you have your access code!

This is the most simple step of the registration process. As most of you know, in order to get your access code you need to meet with your adviser. You will enter your access code right before your time to register!


Tip #2: Have some backup options!

It’s always a good idea to have some backup classes in case the ones you need get filled up too quickly! There are so many general education classes to pick from, you’re bound to find at least 3 you like!

Tip #3: Don’t panic if it is taking a while to load!

There’s going to be hundreds of students registering at the same time as you, so if the page is taking a while to load or process, don’t fret! It will go through eventually, just try to be patient!


Tip #4: Know your options if the classes you want/need fill up.

Not getting into the classes you need or want is totally something that can put a damper in your day, but knowing your options will totally be a stress reliever! You can always email the professor of your desired class and see if there are any extra spots in the class. You can also see if there are any additional sections of the class in the one you chose doesn’t work.

Tip# #5: Register at the correct time!

Again, this is a simple tip, but many people are unaware of what time they register. If you have Priority Registration (ex: part of the Honors Programs, part of Disabilities Services, on a sports team, and many others) then you will register at 7 AM on Friday, November 4th. If you do not have priority registration, then you will register at 3 PM on Friday, November 4th.


We understand that the registration process can be really stressful, but hopefully these tips can make it a little easier for you to conquer registration! And as always, feel free to stop by the First Year Experience office in Meier Hall 100A for any additional help, we are here for you!!