Gobble Up Your Academics During Break!

With this upcoming time off from classes, many of us are thinking about all the sleep and Netflix we’ll be catching up on. While self care is important, it is essential to use your time wisely and create a balance between relaxing and getting work done. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you’re getting... Continue Reading →


The Power Of Saying “NO!”

Classes, homework, being involved with student organizations, working, staying active, connecting with friends, and even more are just a few things that a typical college student may be doing in a single day! It can be hard to balance all of these things and even if you do, the risk for burnout is high. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Homecoming and Family Weekend

Hey Vikings! It may only be Monday, but who says we can’t be excited for all the amazing events that are coming up this weekend?! October 20th-22nd is our annual Homecoming and Family Weekend at Salem State. This is a chance to join current students, alumni, parents and the entire community in celebrating Salem State... Continue Reading →

Myth Busters: SSU Commuter Edition

With over 7,000 undergraduate students at Salem State University commuters make up a large majority of the population. With Salem’s centralized location it is a popular pick for many students from surrounding cities. Even though such a large portion of our students are commuters, that option can get a bad name sometimes. But, luckily FYE... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Items to Bring to Campus

Hey Vikings! Going into college is hard. It’s a totally new experience with new people, living situations, and most importantly- new stuff! But, knowing exactly what you need to bring to campus can make this transition much easier. Make sure if you’re living on campus that these items are on your shopping list!   1. Shower... Continue Reading →

Why do I need to read FYRE book?!

Hey Vikings! We hope that your Summer is everything you’ve wanted so far! Lots of adventures with hometown friends, vacations with your family, working in your local town so you have lots of spending money once you get to Salem, and most importantly, reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay! Not only is Bad Feminist an... Continue Reading →

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