Important Housing Information

Hey First Years! It may still be the beginning of Spring semester, but it’s time to start planning for next year! Your FAFSA application should be getting completed, as well as some of your scholarship information, but what about Housing?! For students who are seeking to live on campus, the housing deposit (of $300) is... Continue Reading →


Important Financial Dates to Remember!

We may have just started the Spring semester, but it’s never too late to start planning for next year, especially financial planning! College can be expensive so it’s essential to find as many ways to deficit the cost as possible. Below you can find the deadlines for some important cost saving methods! February 15, 2018- Salem... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Saying “NO!”

Classes, homework, being involved with student organizations, working, staying active, connecting with friends, and even more are just a few things that a typical college student may be doing in a single day! It can be hard to balance all of these things and even if you do, the risk for burnout is high. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Homecoming and Family Weekend

Hey Vikings! It may only be Monday, but who says we can’t be excited for all the amazing events that are coming up this weekend?! October 20th-22nd is our annual Homecoming and Family Weekend at Salem State. This is a chance to join current students, alumni, parents and the entire community in celebrating Salem State... Continue Reading →

Myth Busters: SSU Commuter Edition

With over 7,000 undergraduate students at Salem State University commuters make up a large majority of the population. With Salem’s centralized location it is a popular pick for many students from surrounding cities. Even though such a large portion of our students are commuters, that option can get a bad name sometimes. But, luckily FYE... Continue Reading →

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