FYM Angelina’s Declassified School Survival Guide

  As I reflected over my past 3 years here, I found 10 important lessons SSU taught me. Following these 10 guidelines will surely benefit your college experience. 1. You will make mistakes. . . learn from them. A new environment, new schedule, new people--you're going to make mistakes and that is O.K.! Take a... Continue Reading →


10 Reasons to Participate in Elections at SSU

Either through specific student organizations or the Student Government Association there are many ways to be an active, participating student at SSU. Check out the following reasons to understand why your participation is valuable. If you don't like the way an organization is run or want to change policies, run for a position so your voice can be... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness Week Kicks Off March 27

 Did you know that mental health problems affect one in four people? Given this fact, it is important that everyone is aware  of how to confront mental illness within themselves and with others. Luckily, Mental Health Awareness Week is going to be very active at SSU by hosting many events the week of March 27th to promote self-care in the community as... Continue Reading →

Ways to be involved on and off campus

  Staying involved with the Salem State Community is more than hanging out on-campus or participating in student organizations. Though those are great ideas, there are plenty of ways to involve yourself socially both locally and with the community at large. Donate your time to a good cause. There are plenty of people looking for help in and around Salem in their organization.... Continue Reading →

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