Join the Outstanding O-Team!

Hey first years!! Deadlines for everything are coming hard and fast, but this is a deadline you'll actually enjoy. Every year, the O-Team is put together to welcome the incoming first year students to SSU. The deadline to apply is April 28, 2017, and here's why you should join our team. The O-Team assists in... Continue Reading →


How to Create the Perfect Schedule

Hello first-years! As a second semester senior who will be graduating this May (woo!), I've perfected the schedule. I'm proud to say that I can make the perfect schedule time and time again, and I could probably help almost anyone make their perfect schedule... within reason. So, what are my secrets? Well, here you go.... Continue Reading →

It’s Time To Be Productive!!

Hey there, first-years!! It's that time in the semester. It's almost mid-terms and you probably have a lot of work to do so... it's time to be productive. So, let's do this! 1. Make a To-Do List At the beginning of your day, set up what you want to get done. Homework assignments? Essay outline?... Continue Reading →

Getting Involved

Hi, first years! It's not too late to get involved! You're probably getting used to your schedule and wondering what to do with all your free time. But don't fear! There are plenty of clubs on campus that are looking for new members throughout the entire semester! Check Facebook pages and get in touch with... Continue Reading →

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