How to Stay Healthy on Campus

Coming into college everyone is nervous, but some people are specifically worried about gaining the freshman fifteen, being too stressed out, and not staying healthy while on campus. The First Year Experience Office is here to help! Here are some tips on how to stay healthy during your time here at Salem State! Eat Balanced... Continue Reading →


All About Program Council!

Hey, Vikings! Are you looking to get more involved on campus? Maybe meet some new friends? Well, clubs are a perfect way to make that happen! One club that I am a part of that I profoundly enjoy is Program Council. We organize on-campus and off-campus events for the whole academic year! Do you remember... Continue Reading →

BOO… Midterms are coming!

    Hey First-Years! Happy Thursday! We’re almost at the end of our long week! I hope the first week of October started off well and was productive for you! Of course though, the spooky inevitable is coming… as weeks come and go we are getting closer and closer to MIDTERMS! It’s important that you... Continue Reading →

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance. Do you have it? Having balance does not necessarily mean you're free of stress or that everything is going your way. Instead, it should be a reflection of the alignment in your life; that is, how satisfied are you with the quantity of time and energy that you are giving towards your daily... Continue Reading →

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