Repertory Dance Theatre’s Spring Show: LIVE IN COLOR

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The end of the semester is approaching and so is Repertory Dance Theatre’s semi-annual show! Repertory Dance Theatre  (RDT) is one of SSU’s largest and longest running dance groups with almost sixty dancers and choreographers this semester. Established since 1993, our club is completely run by students with some assistance from our faculty advisor, James Morrow. Each semester we put on a show with about twenty dances which are all student choreographed. The dances range in style each semester but usually include tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, and even sometimes acrobatic or musical theatre numbers.

SiNo automatic alt text available.nce January, RDT has been working on our Spring show, Live in Color. A lot of people, time, and money goes into producing a show each semester. So in an effort to fundraise, we will be having a Dough Raiser at UNO’s in Swapscott where 20% of the bill will be donated back to us . Come to our show Saturday then enjoy some great food and company at UNO’s. Just make sure to screenshot this voucher or pick up a copy at the show. Thank you for your support!



The final number of our Spring show was created by this year’s graduating seniors. It’s bittersweet to have so many wonderful seniors. Though it’s sad to see them leave, we’re grateful to have had them. We will be performing in the Twohig gym of O’Keefe  on Friday April 21st & Saturday April 22nd at 7:30pm and Sunday, April 23rd at 2:00pm. Tickets are free at the door with an SSU ID and $5 otherwise. If you are a student that finds yourself wanting to be on stage (even if you don’t have any experience), consider auditioning for RDT next semester!  If you’re interested, follow us on Facebook (Repertory Dance Theatre) and Instagram (@ssurdt) to keep an eye out for our open dancer auditions in September. If you have any questions, please contact us at .


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The Parker Brothers of Salem, MA have Advice For the End of the Semester

Hey First Years!

You’re probably are all wondering where this blog is going! First, let me give you some background of who the Parker Brothers are and how they relate to you and your success here at Salem State!

Did you know that the Parker Brothers (yes the founders of Monopoly) were born in Salem and helped create many versions of the now well-known board game! Pretty cool, huh?!


George Parker was born in Salem on Dec. 12, 1866. His father, a sea captain turned merchant, had lost most of his money in the panic of the early 1870s. He died in 1877, when George was 10. His widowed mother and two brothers, along with an aunt and an uncle, lived in an 18-room house in Medford, Mass. One of those rooms had shelves full of board games, which were relatively new in Puritan Massachusetts.

An early board game acceptable to liberal Puritans was called The Mansion of Happiness: An Instructive Moral and Entertainment Amusement. It was first printed in the United States in Salem in 1843. Parker Brothers would later buy the rights to the game and republish it in 1894.firstamericanprintrunofthe_mansionofhappiness

By 1887, George Parker had hired his first employee and rented a store in Salem for $12.50 a month (where the Hawthorne Hotel now stands). He realized he was good at selling and developing games. He was not so good at production and finance, though his older brother Charles was. George in 1888 invited Charles to join him as a partner and Parker Brothers was born. Another brother, Edward, would join them 10 years later.

Later down the road The Parker Brother’s leased an old laundry on Bridge Street and went to work. As the company grew they decided to adhere its pledge to make games that “look well, play well and sell well”. Years passed and they worked and improved upon their game.


George Parker retired from Parker Brothers’ day-to-day operations as Monopoly was taking off. The company would go on to sell iconic games such as Clue, Sorry!, Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Ouija, and it would introduce the Nerf ball. It would remain family-owned until 1968, when it was sold to General Mills. After a series of mergers, the Salem plant on Bridge Street closed in 1991.

George Parker believed business was like a game, that if you followed the rules you could win. He developed 12 rules that he followed all his life.

Here is were YOU come in! These 12 rules that The Parker Brothers followed and became success and they can also help you become success here at Salem State!

  1. Know your goal and reach for it.-Always keep your end goal in mind even when things get tough. Just remember your ultimate goal is to graduate and gain knowledge about your certain area of study and use that in your professional life.
  2. Find “winning moves”. – When you know that something works well for you, like places to go study, resources, and people that can help you reach those goals hold onto those and use those to your advantage.
  3. Play by the rules but capitalize on them.- Take advantage of attendance for classes and known that in the long run that will help better understand the materials if you make a conscious effort to go to class.
  4. Learn from failure; build upon success. – When something doesn’t work well for you in the beginning learn from that improve upon that for the future.
  5. When faced with a choice, make the move with the most potential benefit versus risk. – When you make choice’s during your years in college think about how those choices could help benefit you in the long run.
  6. When luck runs against you, hold emotion in check and set up for your next advance.- When things get tough, hold strong and just keep moving forward.
  7. Never hesitate and give your opponents a second chance. – When things don’t go completely the way you with others in college keep an open mind and give them a second chance. These years are for growth and learning!
  8. Seek help if the game threatens to overwhelm you. – Ask for help when you need it! We have so many resources available on campus that are here to help with any of your needs!
  9. Bet heavily when the odds are long in your favor. – It may seem intimidating taking chances and getting involved on campus with clubs and other activities but its worth it!
  10. If opportunity narrows, focus on your strengths.- If need be always go back to your strength and work with those resources.
  11. Be a gracious winner or loser. Don’t be petty. Share what you learn. – If you succeed in something be humble and help and give feedback to others. If you feel that you’re struggling ask for help from others and learn.
  12. Ignore principles 1 to 11 at your peril!- You don’t have to follow all of these rules word for word but use what you think can apply to your life and success here at Salem State.

It can be fascinating to learn and make those connections to Salem State and the surrounding community and how that can contribute to your overall success as a student! By taking these 12 rules to live by from The Parker Brothers you too can become successful!


-FYM Kathryn










Tips for Ending the Semester Strong

It’s finally here, the semester is nearing its end and all that anyone can think about is sun and sleeping in. As hard as it is to focus near the end of the semester, it is very important to finish the semester strong, and ensure that all of your hard work for the last three months pays off. Now that my PSA is complete, here are a few tips for surviving and thriving in the last two weeks of the semester.

  1. Stop procrastinating- With classes beginning to wrap up, you undoubtedly have some semester-long projects that are approaching their due date. Don’t wait until the night before they are due to complete them. 13944701232_56f04f4c49_z_Fotor-e1476926940322
  2. Try not to get overwhelmed- It can be tough to stay relaxed when 3 months of procrastination is about to hit you in the face, but stressing out doesn’t make you more productive.3350364_orig
  3. Take care of yourself- If you find yourself overwhelmed with stress, make sure to visit Counseling and Health Services, in Ellison Campus Center, suite 107. Now here is a picture of a puppy to help you relax.puppy
  4. Use a planner- Map out as much of the remainder of the semester as you can. This will help you to plan your time wisely and complete all of your assignments on time.planner
  5. Stop skipping class- With only a few lectures left in each course, there is a good chance that you will miss something very important if you skip any of your classes.class
  6. Start studying for finals- If you have some extra time before reading day, use it to get a head-start on studying for finals. This will prevent panic later on when you try to cram for finals.



Greekstock: Greek Week 2017

Hello Vikings!

This week was Greek Week at Salem State University, where Fraternity and Sorority Life came together for a week of fun activities!

“But Shelbie, what is ‘Greek Week’?”

I am so glad you asked! Greek Week is a week where the fraternities and sororities compete in a week of activities. Each night is worth a certain amount of points, and the one with the most points wins the Greek Week trophy!

“So Greekstock?”

Greekstock is a play on “Woodstock”, the famous music festival of 1969. This music festival was one about peace and celebration, and that’s what it felt like this week at Greekstock!

Kendra Franco, Greek Council Programming chair, chose the theme, saying “Woodstock brought together all different kinds of people from all over the country for “3 days of peace and music” which is similar to Greek Week. We all come together for a week and participate in events to remind us that we’re all part of one big community here on campus.”

“So what were the activities this week?”

Monday night was Penny Wars! For two weeks, each organization collected coins, and the ones with the most coins wins. Phi Sigma Sigma won Penny Wars, and all $700 went to Girls Inc., the philanthropy of their choice.

Tuesday night, each organization made banners that had to do with the theme! Then, we all went to Twitter and Facebook, where a poll was made to vote for your favorite banner! The poll was open two days, and Theta Phi Alpha won with 2,414 votes on Facebook and 48% of the votes on Twitter!


Theta Phi Alpha


Phi Sigma Sigma


Alpha Sigma Phi


Sigma Alpha Epsilon

On Wednesday night, the organizations went to O’Keefe to play some games! First, we played “Musical Shoes” (which is like Musical Chairs, but we used shoes as placeholders instead). Theta Phi Alpha won. Then, we all played dodgeball and Alpha Sigma Phi stole the show!

Lastly, Thursday night was Skit Night! While Alpha Sig’s Mike Donovan played an awesome rendition of the National Anthem, just like Jimi Hendrix did at Woodstock, and Theta Phi Alpha performed a dance with music from Woodstock, Phi Sigma Sigma won the night with their dance through the decades where it ended at Woodstock!

“So who won Greek Week?”

The winners of Greek Week were Phi Sigma Sigma, and they definitely deserved it!


Phi Sigma Sigma with the Greek Week trophy

All of the organizations had so much fun this week, from hanging out with the other organizations and dancing our hearts out, to raising hundreds of dollars for a good cause. Hope you’ll join us next year!

Utilizing the Long Weekend

Hello First Years! I hope that this blog finds you all well! Warmer weather is upon us and the end of the semester is quickly approaching! With the upcoming long weekend ahead, I am here to give you some tips on how to make the best use of your time.


  • Make sure that you take time for yourself! You have worked hard this semester and deserve to relax a little bit. Take this time during the long weekend to re-energize and then come back and finish up the rest of the semester strong! There are only about two more weeks left of classes and then the finals season begins.



  • Take time out of the weekend to try and get ahead on course work. Since you have a long weekend, you can use it to your advantage. Get a jump start on those long term projects or start that final paper because due dates are approaching fast. Just beginning an assignment or project gives you that much less work to stress about at the end of the semester.



  • Spend time with your friends and family. Since it is the long weekend, try and reach out to those that you haven’t seen in a while. Get those happy chemicals in the brain flowing! Spend time with some of your favorite people and an activity that you all enjoy!


  • Take advantage of the warm weather! The forecast is predicated to be beautiful the entire weekend, so I encourage you to get some fresh air! You could take a small trip as a little getaway or just visit one of your favorite spots and soak up the sunshine.


  • Catch up on anything that you need to make up for the semester. Since you will have an extra day to the weekend, you could use this time to do an assignment that you may have missed during the semester or fix up an assignment that needs editing. Just ensure that your professor is accepting late/edited work at some point before the semester ends!


  • Enjoy your long three day weekend coming up and I hope that you spend your time doing something that you enjoy! Take time to relax and come back ready to finish the semester. Good luck with everything coming up. Keep pushing through because you’re almost at the finish line. I give you all my best. –FYM Mikaela

#IWantAWorld Photo Shoot

Hi First-Years,

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re all doing well and pushing through these last few weeks of school. Summer is right around the corner; hand in there! What better way to take a study break than to go to an event on campus!?

Today’s blog is going to focus on a really awesome event that’s happening TOMORROW. The event centers around the #IWantAWorld campaign. According to their website, their goals are twofold: “to spread awareness about sexual and domestic violence LGBQ/T communities and to ensure that services, systems and the public respond and meet the needs of LGBQ/T survivors and victims.”

So, use your voice to help shape this campaign! Come take a photo and share how you envision a world free of sexual and domestic violence.

Be sure to come show your support for this powerful and important event!

Date: Friday, April 14th
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm
Ellison Campus Center, North Campus


Summer Classes 2017

The sky is blue and the heat has returned to the Salem State campus. People are wearing shorts and pulling out their shades. Students are wrapping up their semester and getting ready for finals, because after that, what time is it?! Summer time! Many students will travel or work, but some may choose to enroll in one or several summer classes! Here are some benefits of enrolling in summer classes.


1.) Ability to catch up or get ahead

The regular fall or spring semester can be very challenging. Perhaps you had to withdraw from a class or decided to only take four classes instead of five. Taking a summer class allows you to catch up with your curriculum. In addition, maybe you are caught up with your curriculum, but wish to graduate a semester early. Summer courses will put you ahead of the game!

summer 2

2.) Smaller class sizes

Summer classes are typically smaller than the classes of the normal academic year. This is usually due to a lower enrollment count. If you prefer smaller classes that gives you a higher student-teacher interaction, then a summer course would be great!

summer 3

3.) Lighter Work Load

The normal academic year requires you to take five classes. Five classes is a lot on top of your personal responsibilities such as family and work. If you choose to take a summer course, it is only ONE course. You only have to worry about one class and complete homework for one class. How nice is that?! (Unless you would like to take more than one course)

summer 4

4.) Sticking to the routine

Entering fall semester after three months of no school can be extremely difficult. You may find it hard to be motivated or to return to the school routine. Taking a summer class keeps you in school mode, so that fall semester is an easier transition from the summer time.

summer 5

5.) Shorter Classes

Summer classes typically run from 1 week, to 6 weeks, to the full 12 weeks. Although this shorter time frame may seem intense, if you are a student who grows tired of a class after about a month and likes to finish as soon as possible, then consider taking a short summer class.

summer 6

6.) Learning because you WANT to

Last, but not least, taking a summer class is great if you just want to learn. You do not have to take a summer course simply because your degree tracker demands it, but take it, because there is a class that interests you. For example, I am a Criminal Justice major, and my professor told us about his summer course about gangs. It is an online course (another secret benefit of summer courses, you may not even have to go to class!) that sounds very interesting to me.

summer 7


-You can register for summer classes on your Navigator account in the same way that you register for the normal academic year.

-To find a list of the courses being offered in the summer, you can go to the Salem State University website and in the search bar, type “summer at Salem State”. An information booklet and list of summer courses is in the middle of the website page in a PowerPoint format.

-The ballpark price of a four credit online class, with a parking pass: $1260

*Classes may vary slightly in price

summer 1



The 16th Annual Raspberry Swirl

Hey Vikings!

We hope you’ve cleared your schedule for this Friday because at 6PM there’s an event you DO NOT want to miss. This year is the 16th Annual Raspberry Swirl, brought to you by The Alliance in partnership with Program Council. This year will be the biggest and baddest Raspberry Swirl yet with not one, but TWO Drag Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, SIX outside Drag Queens from the local area, and FOUR Salem State student performers!

This year is different from years past due to amount of talent we are bringing. Two Queens who have been on RuPaul’s Drag Race is a huge deal! Performances will be by:


Alyssa Edwards from Season 5 & All Stars Season 2


Shangela from Season 2 & 3


Doors for the show open at 5:30PM on Friday, and the show will begin at 6PM. Throughout the show there will be interactive audience games were folks will be able to show us their fiercest walk, complete a look in less than  10 minutes, and lip sync for their life! Immediately following the show there will be a meet and greet with the RuPaul Queens for an additional $10. This will be an opportunity to meet them and also get a photo with them by a photographer. There will ALSO be 3 raffle baskets for audience members to buy tickets for during the show. 

You can purchase your tickets before the show in the Alliance office, located in Ellison 206, but tickets will also be sold at the door! Proceeds from Admissions will be donated to nAGLY which is local LGBTQ+ charity/organization in Salem. It is a place for youth ages 14 – 23 who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer to learn and “talk about what’s important to us – ourselves, our relationships, our families, “coming out” at school or work, combating homophobia, bullying, gay history & activism, community service and…PRIDE.” To learn more about nAGLY, please visit their website:

Ticket Prices are as followed:

SSU Students: $10 (increase to $12 at the door)

NON SSU: $12 (increase to $15 at the door)

Meet and Greet: $10 (stays the same at the door)

If you have any questions about Raspberry Swirl, feel free to stop by the Alliance office or email



SSU is getting a NEW website!

Something is changing at SSU! April 12th, will have a completely new look.

Here is a message from Scott James the Vice President for Enrollment Management, Student Life and Marketing

  • The website is primarily a recruitment tool to attract prospective students and to help current students find information and support their needs.
  • This project is more than just a new website, the university also developed a fresh content strategy and developed other portals, including Polaris, to support this approach. Nearly all of the internal campus content has been moved to Polaris, Canvas or Ask the Viking.
  • With a growing visitation on smart phones, the concept of this site is mobile first.
  • I’m proud that this site currently meets the highest standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will need to continue to work diligently to maintain this status.
  • You’ll notice that this site has limited drop-down menus and navigation. This search based site was constructed to support how students find information.
  • ITS has launched a Google Search appliance that scans all public portals—website, Ask the Viking, athletics’ Viking site, Digital Commons, and public Canvas courses for information.
  • When the new site goes live, please bookmark as this link directs you to several logins and tools such as campus email, Canvas, Polaris, and more. You may also choose this page from the “info for” menu at the top.
  • We are still making improvements to the new site, such as the calendar, news and the directory pages, and other features.


Monday April 24th at 11 am there will be a community wide forum that you can attend in Viking 123.

In addition to that IT created a survey to address your thoughts which can found here.



You mean FYE is only for First-Years?

With your first year at SSU coming to an end by now with the help of the First Year Experience office and all of the other resources on campus you should be well on your way to a successful sophomore year.

As a current sophomore, the transition from freshman year to sophomore year was ridiculously hard. The workload piled up, classes became more rigorous, I got more involved on campus, and I had to learn how to take responsibility for my actions and put my education first because the first year experience office was no longer calling for check ins and making sure I stayed on task. While my freshman year was stress-free, sophomore year has proven to be the exact opposite. Here are some tips on how to handle the transition from freshman year to sophomore year:

  • The classes will get harder that is without a doubt! but remember that just because FYE isn’t reaching out to you anymore does not mean that all of our campus resources are unavailable. You can always request a tutor, go to office hours, talk to your advisor, peers, career services and more. No one is assuming that you have all the answers. Continue to reach out for help!

Image result for freshmen to sophomore year meme

  • Join extracurriculars. I can’t stress enough about the workload especially since you will be taking actual classes in your major instead of just the general education classes, so make sure you join a club, a sport, or something not academic related. Looking forward to a club that you’re passionate about once or twice a week can make a difference in your sophomore year.
  • By the end of sophomore year it is expected that you will declare your major. That may sound scary right now especially if you’re undeclared or you’ve come to the realization that the major you came in with isn’t what you want to study at all but again your resources are not limited! There are plenty of people on campus who can help you figure all of that out as long as you take the initiative to ask for help.

Image result for sophomore year meme

  • DO NOT let the Sophomore slump get to you. A lot of students slack their sophomore year because they believe they can play catch up junior and senior year. Don’t become one of those students. Sophomore year can either make you or break you and if you do not take it seriously this can lead to repeating classes, staying at SSU longer than you need to which means spending more money. 

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