The Sound of Music

Do you enjoy music?  Do you want to support your peers?  For the next two weeks the music department is putting on their semester concerts! Groups practice for the entire semester to put together some wonderful performances.  Below I've listed the dates and times for the concerts. Monday, December 3 University Band Concert at 7:30... Continue Reading →


How to Bounce Back for Next Semester

"Wins and Loses, turned us into bosses"- Meek Mill (rapper)   I hope your semester was full of growth and new experience. Life is unexpected and is not promised to anyone. Sometimes you will win and often times you will fail. However when you fail , the way you get back up when you fall... Continue Reading →

Share your New Traditions!!

"Fishing Trip among friends turns into a tradition lasting 35 years."   Hey y'all! The Holidays are upon us which means we shop, wear our puffy jacket and Uggs and... Traditions. Traditions are those customs that we create in order to hold and share its special meaning. Short of simply being a habit, traditions are... Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas Figuring out Christmas gift ideas can be very difficult especially if they’re last minute gifts. But you don’t need to worry so much this year, because I am here to help you by giving some possible give ideas! Candles!!! Everyone loves candles or if they don’t they’re a great way to spice... Continue Reading →

Healthy Relationship Qualities

Good afternoon, Vikings! As you know, college is all about meeting new people, which also means potential relationships. Sometimes, it's difficult to determine what to tolerate and what is clearly not okay, especially when you are starting a new relationship with someone you barely know. For this reason, I will be discussing a few characteristics... Continue Reading →

Give Thanks this Holiday Season

Hey ya'll!  As the holiday season begins, we all start to realize what we are thankful for.  We also want to give thanks be volunteering. Here's some ways that you can give back this holiday season! 1.Have a Holiday Card Party! While celebrating the holidays with your loved ones consider creating Holiday cards! This is... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Swimming!

You may be feeling high levels of stress as the fall semester is soon coming to an end. Feeling as though time is running out while assignments are piling up? Throughout the college  madness, take a moment to step back and breathe. Something, I constantly have to remind myself in the midst of school work,... Continue Reading →

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