Let’s Set Some Goals

Hey First Years,

With the advising period right around the corner, it’s important to start thinking about your goals! Goal setting is a useful skill to have in order to help you get the things you want out of life and well, achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Let’s tackle this goal setting thing so that you walk away knowing what it is and how to properly do it.

  1. Defining Goal Setting

    Goal setting involves being aware of what you would like to achieve as well as planning and an immediate readiness for action. Proper goal setting requires creating a plan of action that fosters focus, motivation, a sense of purpose and vision. Goals are the stepping stones that will ultimately help you achieve your dreams.

  2. How to Goal Set

    Stick to only a few goals: Research shows that people can only focus on about 5-7 things at a time. With this in mind, focus on a handful of goals that you can easily repeat from memory.
    – Keep a Goal Setting Notebook: Write down your goals! And then write them down again and again. Writing down your goals helps to physically bring them into the Universe and puts the process in motion for you to achieve them.
    Focus on What You Want: Phrase your goals in a positive way, instead of a negative one. For example “Eating healthy and exercising is easy and fun for me.” sounds much better than “I’m sick and tired of gaining weight.”
    smart goals
    – Make your Goals SMART:  SMART goals stand for ones that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound. You can find out more information about this methodology in the links below or just Google it for a wealth of info.
    – Review you Goals Frequently:  Review your goals either daily, weekly or monthly depending on what fits best with your schedule. Doing this will help you to make your goals a reality. When reviewing, ask yourself “What is the next step that I need to take toward this goal?” 

    Here are some ways you can review your goals:
    visualizing goals
    – Read your goal list every morning
    – Close your eyes and visualize yourself accomplishing your goal
    – Read and visualize your goals every night before you go to sleep

  3. Importance of Goal Setting
    subconscious goal
    Goal setting has several benefits. Here are some of the ways that doing this properly will help improve your focus:

    – Goals trigger behavior and should be compelling and specific enough to motivate you
    – Goals guide your focus
    – Goals sustain momentum
    – Goals align your focus
    -Goal setting promotes self-mastery: Achieving your goals builds character

    I hope this has been helpful to you and if you have any more questions about setting goals stop by the First-Year Experience office in Meier hall room 100A.

    Enjoy Spring Break,
    FYM Patrick

    You can find more info on this topic:
    – Here
    – Here
    – Here


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